2014 MileSplit NY Indoor All-Star Girls Team

The past 2013-2014 Indoor season has seen some great races, some great times, and some breakout stars.  As usual, we're here to break down the season's best performers, ranking athletes from every inch of the state.  As opposed to our XC All-State list, which was organized by grade, we chose to organize the Track All-State lists by discipline.  As always, it is never an easy decision, and several great athletes had to be left off the list.  The depth of talent in New York is only exceeded by the number of stand-out performances achieved this year, including numerous state and national records.  Award winners are designated by W's, with honorable mentions being listed 1-2-3 by rank.  Relays are ranked as a collective per team.  And all opinions are that of the webmaster, Kyle Brazeil.  If you think there is someone we missed, or someone was misranked, feel free to comment about it in our discussion forum. 

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Note: Before we begin, it would be hard not to mention one High School Track Runner, who has gone above and beyond the sport at the prep level.  While there is some discrepency on whether or not her records should count (we think they should be noted), the fact is that she is still attending High School in New York State.

HM: Mary Cain - Oregon Project (Mile - 4:24.11, 500m - 1:12.43, 800m - 2:08.51, 1000m - 2:35.80, 1500m - 4:07.05 (At Altitude))



Short Sprint (55, 55hh, 200)

W –Ashley Wiggins - New Rochelle (55hh - 7.95, 55m - 7.48)

1 – Brenessa  Thompson - Medgar Evers (55m - 7.03, 60m - )

2 – Ashley Grazen - Lancaster (55m - 7.14, 60m - 7.64)

3 - Melissa June - Saint Anthony's (55m - 7.14, 200m - 24.43)

Breakdown: When deciding the top spot here, it was not an easy decision.  On the one hand, Wiggins lowered her own personal best to win the state meet outright.  On the other, Brenessa Thompson surpassed the personal best of former teammate Kadecia Baird in winning the state meet for the short sprint.  Both marks rank All-Time, albeit neither in the top 10.  The tie-breaker went to where each sat on the national rankings, and Wiggins gets the edge here.  Both end their seasons poised to repeat outdoors.  Next up is Ashley Grazen, who flirted with the Sophomore State Record in the 60m dash at Nationals, and has been a dangerous up-and-comer since making the list last year.  The list is rounded out by Melissa June, who was a key leg on the Saint A's SMR at Nationals, as well as putting in some very respectable marks in the 200m legs as well.


Long Sprint (300,400,500,600)

W – Zola Golden - Arlington (200m - 23.95, 300m - 37.91, 400m - 54.15)

1 – Symone Darius - New Rochelle (200m - 23.99, 300m - 38.01, 55m - 7.11)

2 – Emma Gallagher - Garden City (400m - 56.83, 600m - 1:32.13, 800m - 2:12.21)

3 - Yazmin Wilson-Jones - Port Richmond (600m - 1:32.75, 300m - 40.10)

Breakdown: And so continues the hard decisions.  Zola Golden and Symone Darius both had outstanding seasons, as US #1 and US #2 in the 300m, as well as US #3 and US #4 in the 200m, and adding Golden as US #2 in the 400m.  While Golden may have been an unknown heading into her junior season, she quickly made noise running under her club name, Gotham Spark.  Darius, who chased freshmen records last year, broke out as an integral relay leg in New Rochelle's 4x200m.  In comparing the two, it is difficult to weigh Titles vs. Times.  Golden took on a heavy schedule at States, and didn't get a chance to race Darius, the eventual State Champion, head to head.  Likewise, Golden had trials and finals of the 400m and trials of 200m in her legs, when the pair faced off at Nationals.  When the pair did match up evenly, Golden got the edge at Millrose Trials and State Quals, and has better season bests at distance of 200m and up.  Coming in second, which is a testament to the top two spots talents, is Emma Gallagher, who continues as undefeated over 600m at the State Meet, and much of her career.  Rounding out the list is Yazmin Wilson-Jones, who could very well have made the same spot on distance up.


Mid-Distance (800-1500)

W – Tiana Guevara - Miller Place (1000m - 2:56.51, 1500m - 4:35.42)

1 – Laura Leff - West Genesee (1500m - 4:35.50, Mile - 4:59.22)

2 – Annika Avery - Annika Avery (1500m - 4:35.82, 600m - 1:36.21, 1000m - 3:00.28)

3 - Erin Jaskot - Tappan Zee (1000m - 2:54.62, 800m - 2:13.25)

Breakdown: Surprisingly, this was the hardest category to finalize, as there are several key players in a wealth of distances.  In the end, the 1500m State Champion proved the most versatile, as Guevera's 1000m time would have put her on the podium as well.  Followed up by a long Section 3 matchup, Laura Leff and Annika Avery were a part of that three part blanket finish at the state meet.  Although it was an off-year historically for the 1000m, Erin Jaskot is your State Champion, capping off a stellar season.  Two names which flip-flopped on and off this list numerous times as we compiled it, were Kelly Hayes and Jazmine Fray.  Fray tops the state rankings in the 800m, winning the State Champ Remix heat at nationals.  However, Jaskot edged her out, only just, at the State Meet.  Hayes has the top time in the State over 1500m after splitting 4:33.90 en-route at Millrose, as well as a top 1000m, and was also a contender for inclusion.  As for racewalk, Katie Michta was also in consideration for the title, but again, some tough competition.


Long-Distance (3000 – 5000)

W – Jessica Lawson - Corning (3000m - 9:49.68, 5000m - 17:08.45 (National Freshmen Record)

1 – Denise Branch - Benjamin Cardozo (2Mile - 10:27.48, 3000m - 9:47.25, 1500m - 4:36.59)

2 – Bella Burda - Arlington (3000m - 9:52.47, 1Mile - 4:58.46)

3 - Megan Reilly - Warwick (3000m - 10:53.24, 1500m - 4:42.15)

Breakdown: Two approaches to reach a similar goal.  Denise Branch represented NY well all season long, racing hard from Decemeber on, after taking XC at a lighter pace.  Lawson, after hammering out a State and Fed Title in XC, along with a Foot Locker Nationals bid, took the Indoor Season easy, saving any semblemce of speed for the State Meet.  It would be Lawson's kick to solidify her win at Ithaca, but Branch would walk away with the State's leading time.  Then, at Nationals, Branch and Lawson would both take 6th to earn All-American Status, but what puts Lawson on top, was that her 5k mark was the National Freshmen Record in the event.  Behind the pair were another who know the Long Distance Game well.  Bella Burda was our overall winner last year, while Megan Reilly is undefeated at the State Level in XC.  Both translated well over into track.


Jumps (TJ, LJ, HJ)

W – Kaylyn Gordon - Ramapo (LJ - 19' 2.75", TJ - 39' 6.5")

1  --  Imani McGhee - Bay Shore (LJ - 19' 3.5", TJ - 37' 10")

2 –  McKyla Brooks - Frontier (LJ - 19' 2", TJ - 40' 2.5")

3 - Shayla Broughton - Medgar Evers (HJ - 5' 8")

Breakdown: Who says picking awards is ever easy.  In the end, we went with consistency over time, by event, and Kaylyn Gordon, the State Champ in the Triple Jump, as well as runner up in the Long.  A breakout season, Gordon was one athlete who could pull off the double at any pit.  She managed to ride the momentum to a 4th place finish at Nationals, earning All-American.  Behind her is Imani McGhee, who is the State Champion, as well as State Leader in the Long Jump.  McKyla Brooks, who has the furthest PR in the Triple, is able to pull off the double well, but wasn't able to repeat at the State Meet.  Our overall champion in 2013, Shayla Broughton, continues to improve undefeated in the High Jump, but the competition was too stiff for her to take the top spot again.


Vault/Throws (SP, WT, PV)

W – McKenzie Kuehlewind - Lancaster (SP - 46' 2.25")

1 – Jesse Dhaliwall - Grand Island (PV - 47' 7")

2 – Tara Belinsky - Manhasset (SP - 43' 7.5")

3 - Kari Stromhaug - Vestal (PV - 12' 0")

Breakdown: This one was truly a battle all season long, as the girls of Section 6 used eachother to push on further.  McKenzie Kuehlewind takes the top spot after her win at States, and top placing at Nationals, but a special nod has to be given to Jesse Dhaliwall, whose huge toss earned her US #1 for much of the early season.  Tara Belinsky returns as the second seed from 2013, striking one up for consistency.  Kari Stomhaug may have cleared heights that would not have won state meets in the past, but Historically, she is in the top 10 All-Time for the event.



W – New Rochelle 4x200m (1:38.41) 4x400m (3:52.76)

1 – Benjamin Cardozo DMR (11:52.07) 4x800m (9:06.35) 4x400m (3:58.46)

2 – Uniondale 4x400m (3:52.46) SMR (4:13.30) 4x200m (1:42.17)

3 - Medgar Evers 4x200m (1:41.02) 4x400m (3:53.98)

Breakdown: While it may have seem easy to decide who took home the top spot here, the deliberation was anything but clean.  New Rochelle is the top relay for 4x200m, and NY #2 in the 4x400m.  On top of that, they are the National Champs in the event.  However, Cardozo, at one point, held state leading marks in the 4x400m, 4x800m, DMR, and SMR.  Speed beat out versatility in the end, with New Rochelle's National Title and NY #4 All-Time performance.  Uniondale dominated the 4x400m all season, as well as top times in the 4x200m, and Medgar Evers was an always present threat to any relay.