Following Foot Locker Finalists: The Twitter Experience

San Diego, CA - While most of New York will be buried under snow this weekend,  four of our fastest will be living it up under the sun at the Foot Locker National Championships.  Mickey Burke, the only male finalist from New York, has been on twitter sharing the experience to those back home, and we thought it would be fun to share as well.  That isn't to say that the female finalists from New York, as Jessica Lawson, Megan Reilly, and Katie Lembo are getting some screen time of their own.  You can catch all four of them here back on Saturday Morning, as we'll have the live stream for you, ready to go!  Keep checking back for updates.

Coaches from North Carolina Arrived First on the Scene

When athletes arrived, some were treated to pre-race interviews

While some wanted to check out the meet program, with each athlete profiled.

Athletes then headed to their rooms to pick up their gear.

And then headed down to dinner

But not before some more team bonding with more from the northeast

Finally, before bed, it was time to make their t-shirts for the course run through tomorrow.  Burke channelling some NCAA motivation?