Jesuit Indoor Championships

Bronx, NY
Hosted by Xavier

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Meet Information


PLACE: Fordham University

FIELD EVENTS start at 4:30 p.m
3-Man Shot Put Relay
3-Man High Jump Relay
2-Man Freshman Shot Put Relay - this event is non scoring

RUNNING EVENTS:start 5:00 pm
0. The Magis Mile - Non-Scoring, open mile run

1. Combo Relay (Open 600, Submidget 100, Midget 100, Junior 300)
2. 165 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay three (3 man team)
3. Submidget 400 Meter Relay
4. Open 800 Meter Relay
 4A. Open 27+ 800m Relay (no runner shall have run faster than 27 secs for 200m) This event is non scoring
5. Frosh 800 Meter Relay
 5A. Frosh 30+ 800m Relay (no runner shall have run faster than 30 secs for 200m)This event is non scoring
6. Midget 400 Meter Relay
7. Sophomore Sprint Medley Relay (400,200,200,800)
8. Open 3200 Meter Relay
9. Freshman Distance Medley Relay (800, 200, 400, 1600)
10. Junior 800 Meter Relay
 11. Throwers-only 800 Meter Relay - non scoring
12. Open 1600 Meter Relay
 12A. Open 60+ 1600m Relay (no runner shall have run faster than 60 secs for 400m)This event is non-scoring

Weight Divisions: Sub Midget = 110 lbs
Midget = 120 lbs
Junior Weight = 130 lbs


Entry Fees $20/relay OR Blanket Fee: $350

Make Check Payable to: Fordham Prep HS
 c/o George Febles
 East Fordham Rd.
 Bronx, NY 10458
 attn: JesuitChamps

Team Winners1958Fordham Prep1959Fordham Prep1960Fordham Prep1961Fordham Prep1962Fordham Prep1963Fordham Prep1964Fordham Prep1965Fordham Prep1966Brooklyn Prep1967Fordham Prep1968Xavier1969Xavier1970Xavier1971St. Peter's Prep1972Xavier1973Xavier1974Xavier1975Xavier1976Xavier1977Xavier1978Xavier1979Xavier1980Xavier1981Xavier1982Xavier1983Xavier1984Regis1985Regis1986Regis1987St. Peter's Prep1988Regis1989Regis1990Fordham Prep1991Fordham Prep1992Fordham Prep1993Fordham Prep1994Fordham Prep 1995Fordham Prep1996Fordham Prep 1997Fordham Prep1998Fordham Prep1999Fordham Prep2000Fordham Prep2001Fordham Prep2002Fordham Prep 2003Fordham Prep2004Fordham Prep 2005Fordham Prep2006Fordham Prep2007Fordham Prep2008Fordham Prep2009Fordham Prep2010Fordham Prep 2011Fordham Prep2012Fordham Prep 2013Xavier2014Fordham Prep2015Fordham Prep2016no meet2017 St.Peter's Prep