Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

*Races will be run combined A/B/C and results pulled out for top 6 in each class. *200 meter oval with a 55 meter straight.*Runbacks in the horizontal jumps are prohibited.*There are no finals for any event.*Scoring (10-8-6 -4 -2-1) and awards through three places.*Maximum of 4 attempts allowed in each horizontal jump and 4 in the shot put. No Finals*Three team awards per gender per class.*Individual performances are combined to produce a final result which is then used for scoring.*Team score tie breaker will be number of first places, then second places, etc.*Entries due two days prior to event*Student athletes may individually qualify for the Section 6 State Qualifier in any regular event as normal.*Maximum pyramid spikes can be utilized for All Events. *Starting blocks are not provided.*Spectators must remain in spectator area.*Student athletes must leave the competitive area after performing.*Horizontal jumps warm-ups must begin half an hour prior to the start of the events for the day.