New York Boys State XC Rankings Week 4

Following Week of Saturday, October 8

The fourth week of the rankings revolves almost entirely around the big day at the Manhattan Ivitational, though the Penfield-Irondequoit, Rome Coughlin, Byram Hills, Cato-Meridian, and Tartan meets also had a bit of a say in how everything turned out. A few teams also braved the Salmon River mud run to get a boost in the speed ratings.The eight varsity races at Manhattan may well be the baseline for the final weeks heading into the postseason, and early November promises to be very exciting for many reasons.

Manhattan shook things up a bit for Class A, as Fayetteville-Manlius moved into the second spot in the rankings with a 3rd in Eastern States. The Class B results were just a big headache in refernce to McQuaid, and we've done the best we can to maintain the balance at the top. Class C gave us a wonderful debating point about the top two teams.

The Manhattan merge reults were used as a baseline to set the rankings for this week after making some allowances for resting runners, and the merge place is noted in brackets after a Manhattan place in the Last Week's Action column. We have tried to balance the performances of the two big meets on following weekends at McQuaid and Manhhattan.

Cheers to all, and ride that rising tide into the postseason surge.

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