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5 months ago 3/11 Meet 3200
@gotsoles It will be before the 4x400 -- The schedule of events is on the meet home page.
5 months ago Jaylen Slade!!!!
New National Record 20.62 (Indoor)
6 months ago 2/27 Meet
I thought GHSA new rule was 3 athletes per event as well...
1 year ago GHSA
I was recently reading about NCHSAA having a zoom meeting about the upcoming fall season and the ...
1 year ago Proposal for GHSA T&F Sub-Committee & Executive Committee
Will this proposal still be up for vote in April? Or postponed due to Coronavirus?
1 year ago Proposal for GHSA T&F Sub-Committee & Executive Committee
@goldeneaglexc Just to stir the pot - Why weren’t we aligned with NFHS in the first place? And...
1 year ago How do we get all kids a real season now?
I have a feeling this is going to spill over into late April
2 years ago Entry Limits
@manastasj No entry limits
2 years ago What time/cost?
@gotsoles No cost / Starts at 3:00
2 years ago Reclass 2020-2022
@coachbchs Are you sure AD's submit those numbers? My AD had no clue where our numbers came fr...
2 years ago Reclass 2020-2022
Is it true that out of zone numbers can't be appealed?
2 years ago Unattached Athletes Running in GHSA Meets
Isn’t it ironic that students who identify as opposite sex can participate but a home school an...
2 years ago Unattached Athletes Running in GHSA Meets
Why is the GHSA so backwards? Why can't middle schoolers compete with High Schoolers? Is it a com...
2 years ago JV Race
@gotsoles I believe that is a typo -- It says JV two mile on the registration form.
2 years ago Timing Group
@CoachHenley Was the meet postponed?
2 years ago Sectionals
I love the idea of sectionals and getting the best athletes to state. Is it just me or do the sec...
4 years ago Dunamis Indoor Super Meet - Feb 8-11 at Lakepoint
@ParkviewTrack Couldn’t the same be applied for this meet?
4 years ago Dunamis Indoor Super Meet - Feb 8-11 at Lakepoint
The panther express aka Parkview does very well at New Balance Nationals
4 years ago Dunamis Indoor Super Meet - Feb 8-11 at Lakepoint
Doesn’t New Balance require the same? GHSA teams participate in that meet....
4 years ago Steeplechase?
@MattAdams Richmond Hill High School has steeplechase at home meets throughout the season. Al...
4 years ago PV Coaches
Does anyone know of any Pole Vault Coaches in the Savannah, GA area?
4 years ago Indoor Super Meet Announced for February in Atlanta!
@AHSBucs Usually the NSAF endorsement means it could be team oriented (NBIN,NBON) but not nec...
4 years ago Tokyo 2020
Next Olympics will feature a mixed 4x400 relay. Thoughts? https://www.olympic.org/news/tokyo-2...
4 years ago GHSA
Heard Florida was thinking about adding events. Does the GHSA have anything in the works for the ...
4 years ago Anybody go to a one day region meet?
Region 2-AAAAAA will be having a one day meet. What are everyone thoughts on scoring a 5 team meet?
4 years ago GHSA Transgender
What are the rules regarding transgender athletes? http://www.courant.com/sports/high-schools/...
4 years ago Wolverine Invitational
Girls Long Jump 27-10?
5 years ago Riverside Indoor Meet and the Future of Indoor Track in GA
I agree ☝️. I believe it could be a good thing but it seems there is some dissent amongst coa...
5 years ago Brian Herron
Two US #1's -- I think?
5 years ago Indoor Rankings
@xcnewbee Thank you
5 years ago Indoor Rankings
How do rankings get input to the database? I noticed GA had a bunch of good performances of which...
5 years ago GHSA Announces Expanded Track Venues in 2017
@etomas12 Are there any other changes in the works for GHSA TF/XC?
5 years ago Weather update-Tuesday 10:30am EST
If schools are cancelled and we have no access to transportation will we be refunded?
5 years ago Saucony XC Kickoff Classic 2016
5 years ago Brian Herron, 15 yr old freshman, just ran the 400 meter dash in 46.29 seconds
Obea Moore ran a 45.99 in the 15-16 age group. Not sure how old he was at the time.
5 years ago USATF Region 4 Junior Olympics 2016
5 years ago Coach O Carolina Club Challenge
Will the results be uploaded onto milesplit? http://coachoregistration.com/track/info/sc_mbtc/...
5 years ago Girl's Long Jump State Meet
@bhs11 Daloria Boone is in Th GISA -- John Milledge Academy I believe
5 years ago Georgia HS Meet of Champions 2016
All-Star Relays are not allowed correct?
6 years ago Multi-Events and the GHSA
@acarr6453 Is there any literature in the GHSA handbook that says the javelin isn't allowed t...
6 years ago Multi-Events and the GHSA
If a school wanted to contest the Decathlon/Heptathlon in the state of Georgia -- would that be a...
6 years ago Toughest Courses in GA
What would be considered the top 5 toughest courses in GA?
6 years ago All Class Pre-Season Rankings
@xcnewbee The course was changed this year (new race director)....you can't compare these tim...
6 years ago coach position
@sheff779 Are you looking in a certain geographic region?
6 years ago Question
@Uncle_Elvis If it is a high school JV meet does that make it a GHSA event? If so what are...
6 years ago Question
Can unattached athletes participate in JV meets?
6 years ago Timing issue
@brandonchester I figured out the event numbering I imported the entries from milesplit -- th...
6 years ago 1st Annual Tiger Invitational 2015
@gawebmaster On the official results everything looks correct except the females 1600 and 320...
6 years ago 1st Annual Tiger Invitational 2015
@3821kjh Been working on it all weekend -- waiting from a reply from the webmasters
6 years ago 1st Annual Tiger Invitational 2015
I've been having file type issues with getting them uploaded to milesplit -- If you provide me wi...