Section VI Throws & Pole Vault 2022

Lancaster, NY

Meet Information

*1*. *THANK YOU ALL* for electing to have your throwers and pole vaulters
compete at Lancaster High School's Field House this upcoming
*Saturday*, *December
18*th between *1:00 PM* and *approximately 8:00 PM*. *Please do not arrive
any earlier than 12:00 PM this upcoming Saturday*.
*2*. PLEASE understand and respect that quite a bit of work went into being
able to host this competition at Lancaster High School's Field House. *If
we are ever to be allowed to manage a competition like this again, given
our lack of facilities in Section VI, we will need everyone's cooperation
in ensuring that this competition goes as smoothly as possible*.
*3*. Our throws coach at Lancaster, *Paul Kemsley*, and our pole vault
coach at Lancaster, *Rebecca Glon*, will be our liaisons along with our
Section VI officials, led by *Paul Ksionzyk*, this Saturday at Lancaster
High School's Field House. Coach Morgan Staskiewicz and myself will be
coaching the rest of our Legends at Buffalo State College that morning. My
Google cell number is (716) 712-4640 if it's an emergency. However, Coach
Staskiewicz and myself should be returning early on in the competition at
Lancaster High School's Field House if we are needed. Our Athletic
Director, *Eric Rupp*, is also included in this email in case he needs to
be contacted or needs to share any information that I may miss.
*4*. Section VI will be providing an athletic trainer and supervision for
this competition as they do for other Section VI Indoor Track and Field
events. Please be respectful of these support staff members. In case of an
evacuation there are multiple exits at Lancaster High School's Field House
*5*. You can enter your student athletes for this competition at
MileSplitNY just as you have for previous competitions and will do in the
future. *You will notice that there are five (5) possible entries for each
gender of the pole vault*. *Please do not enter ten (10) pole vaulters*.
Instead, be certain you enter any combination gender of five (5) maximum.
Example: 3 girls and 2 boys. *Each throwing event is a maximum of two (2)
entries per gender*.
*Entries are due by 9:00 PM this upcoming Thursday* as they are for the
other competitions this weekend.
The order of events will be as follows:
Girls shot put and boys weight throw simultaneously followed by boys shot
put and girls weight throw simultaneously.
Girls pole vault followed by boys pole vault.
*6*. *All Section VI Indoor Track and Field competition rules that would
apply at our other contracted competition venues will apply at Lancaster
High School's Field House*. Three (3) attempts for all throwing events.
Opening heights and increases will be exactly the same as they have been
for the pole vault at our first two weekends of competitions. Please
remember your completed and signed pole vault certification forms.
*7*. *PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW* the information provided on the second page
of the map shared with everyone in this communication through the
attachment with your *accompanying coaching staff and student athletes*.
Please bring a copy of this map and corresponding information with your
program this Saturday. *Be sure to remember your seating chart for contact
tracing purposes*.
*THANK YOU to Chuck Mancabelli *for the use of his pole vault equipment for
this competition.
And finally...a *very sincere note of gratitude* to *Section VI*, *Eric
Rupp*, our Lancaster CSD Athletic Director, and the *LCSD administration
and community* for their support of Section VI Indoor Track and Field
during some very challenging times.