Jan Mitchell Classic 2021

New Rochelle, NY

Meet Information

The Jan Mitchell Classic


IMPORTANT: There is construction planned for the Iona Prep Campus this fall.  In case construction begins before Sep 12. the races held will be 1 One Mile time trial on the track for the Freshman, and a 2 mile time trial for the Varsity that will be a part of the HOKA "Postal Nationals" .   We will inform coaches as soon as we know anything definitive.  9/9/21 UPDATE: No construction has begun, so we are 95% certain we will run the 1.6 and 2.5 mile XC distances.  Thanks, GF & JM

1:00pm - Girls Freshman Race - 1.6 mikes

1:20pm - Boys Freshman/Development Race - 1.6 miles 

                    - you may enter upperclassmen that are not quite ready for the 2.5 in this race with the understanding that they should not be capable of winning over Freshmen

1:40pm - Girls Varsity Race - 2.5 miles

2:05pm - Boys Varsity Race - 2.5 miles

Parents reminded to stay in or next to car. All must have masks. Please have parents depart with their athletes as soon as they complete races. Remember to have students bring marked, personal water bottles. Good luck!!


Opening Weekend of the historic 2021 CHSAA XC Season

Honoring the legendary career of Iona Prep and Ursuline Coach Jan Mitchell

Teams: This is a CLOSED meet, open only to invited teams


-athletes/parents may arrive no earlier than 45 min before their races

-athletes must depart as soon as possible after their race

* ALL athletes, coaches, spectators and officials must wear masks at all times; only exception will be that athletes in races may lower masks/gaiters after the first 400 meters and should raise them as they cross finish line

Coaches' Notes:

-please enter your complete roster (including Freshmen) on milesplit by Thursday, Sep 9th at 12noon 

* please allow students to depart immediately after their races; and when your team has completed it's last race, please leave the campus immediately

* all results will be posted ny.milesplit.com shortly after the meet; they will not be posted on campus and please do not ask finish line for results

* Team areas: All teams should set up on "the hill" but clearly separated.  Please remind athletes to maintain social distancing and masks at all times

- All Coaches should attend an all-coaches Zoom Meeting on Tues Aug 31 at 8pm to go over procedures

Good luck! And have a great meet!

Questions? Contact George Febles (646-554-4453) feblesg@fordhamprep.org