Molloy Stanner Games 2009

New York, NY


Livingston doubles up with US #1 Jan 17, 2009

  Great Neck senior Terrance Livingston makes no secrets about his plans for the season.“To be honest with you, I want two national records,” he said.

Jack On Track Episode 2 Jan 14, 2009

Episode 2 of Jack on Track presented by Super Runners Shop. Here we bring you our very own Jack Pfeifer and Christopher Hunt discussing all things track and field every Wednesday at 3pm.

Saratoga Springs star Davidson sets pace at Stanner Games Jan 14, 2008

Reese sets US #2 in 1,000 By Christopher Hunt photos by Derek Alvez Her coach Eric Schwark didn’t just ask her if she felt good. He asked if she felt “dominant.”She said yes. Carmel’s Kristin Reese felt dominant. And she showed it. The cold she struggled with finally dissipated. Reese could breathe now. So Reese didn’t hesitate when she took over the 1,000 meters after two lap and a half laps. Her stride was steady and powerful like the current of a steam of water. This was the Kristin Reese people had been waiting to see all season. It was the Kristin Reese that, well, Kristin Reese has been waiting to see all season. She won the 1,000 at the Molloy Stanner Games in 2 minutes, 53.50 seconds, the 2nd-fastest time in the United States this season. FULL STORY HERE RESULTS FROM STANNER GAMES HOME PAGE