Purple Champions Track Club Pentathlon Invitational

New York, NY

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Meet Information

Purple Champions HS Invitational
February 15th
216 Fort Washington Avenue, High School, 10032, United States

Time: 9:00am-1:00pm

Age: High School

Meet Contact: Tim Fulton, tim@armorytrack.com

Spectator Info: Adults $12, students $5, children under 3 feet 6 inches free. 

Spike Policy: The only acceptable spikes allowed on the Armory track surface are 1/4 inch pyramid spikes or 1/4 inch Christmas trees. No pin and needle spikes allowed. All spikes must be checked prior to competition. For the complete Spike Policy at The Armory, please visit: http://armory.tf/SpikePolicy









  Order of Events
9:00 Boys 4x55m Shuttle Hurdles
9:05Pent 1Boys Pent 60m Hurdles
9:20Team PentBoys 60m Hurdles
9:25Pent 1Girls Pent 60m Hurdles
9:35Team PentGirls 60m Hurdles
9:45 Girls 4x55m Shuttle Hurdles
9:50 Boys 60m Dash
9:55 Girls 60m Dash
  We will get 55m splits on all races
10:00 Girls 1500m Run
10:10 Boys 1600m Run
10:30 Girls 4x200m Relay
10:40 Boys 4x200m Relay
10:50 Girls 400m 
11:00 Boys 400m 
11:10Team PentGirls 1000m
11:20Team PentBoys 1000m
11:30 Girls 200m
11:40 Boys 200m
11:50 Girls 600m
12:00 Boys 600m
12:15 Girls 300m
12:30 Boys 300m
12:45 Girls 4x800m Relay (w/ boys)
12:45 Boys 4x800m Relay (w/ girls)
1:00 Girls 1600m SMR (2-2-4-8) (w/4x4)
1:00 Girls 4x400m Relay
1:05 Boys 1600m SMR (2-2-4-8) (w/4x4)
1:05 Boys 4x400m Relay
1:45Pent 5Boys Pent 1000m
1:50Pent 5Girls Pent 800m
9:00 Girls Pole Vault
11:00 Boys Pole Vault to follow
12:00Pent 4Boys Pent High Jump
12:00Team PentBoys High Jump
12:00Pent 4Girls Pent High Jump
12:00Team PentGirls High Jump
9:00Team PentGirls Shot Put (6 throws)
9:50Pent 2Boys Pent Shot Put (3 throws)
9:50Pent 2Boys Pent Shot Put 
11:00Pent 3Girls Pent Shot Put (3 throws)
11:45Team PentBoys Shot Put (3 throws, top 8 to final)
12:30 Boys Weight Throw (6 throws)
1:15 Girls Weight Throw (6 throws)
9:00Team PentBoys Long Jump
10:05Pent 2Girls Pent Long Jump
11:00Pent 3Boys Pent Long Jump
11:00Pent 3Boys Pent Long Jump
12:00Team PentGirls Long Jump