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We invite you to join us at our beautiful and challenging Tawasentha Park for the ...



The prestigious Guilderland Invitational has hosted some of the best teams in Section 2 in NYS and the nation. It

provides an exciting preview of the fall season! If you have plans for attending the NYS Federation Meet in November,

then our course will prepare your runners, as the two courses are similar in terrain.

This course is designed with challenging terrain, gorgeous trails and open field running and is spectator friendly. We

have eliminated our steep, long downhill, formerly known as suicide hill. The varsity course is 2.86 miles. The

freshman course is 1.7 miles. The modified course is 1.5 miles.

Rules for 2019

No athletes 19 years of age before September 1, 2019 or 13th graders are allowed to run

We anticipate sanctioning for NY, NJ, PA, VT, MA, RI, CT and Ontario, Canada

You must run a complete Varsity team in order to run a JV team.

o At least 5 runners comprise a team. 6th runner will be tie breaker.
Any school may choose to run in either Varsity Small or Large School race.
Incomplete teams will not displace complete teams in combined races.

o Individuals will be pulled out from team scoring.

Schedule of Races

Friday, September 20

4:00- 7:00 p.m. Course open to preview, walk, run

Saturday, September 21

7:00-9:00 a.m. Course open to walk

9:00 Modified Girls Team and Individual Unlimited

9:25 Modified Boys Team and Individual Unlimited

9:50 Freshman Girls* Team and Individual Unlimited

10:20 Freshman Boys* Team and Individual Unlimited


10:50 JV Girls Team and Individual Unlimited

11:20 JV Boys Team and Individual Unlimited


12:00 Varsity Girls Small Schools Team 7

12:30 Varsity Boys Small Schools Team 7

1:00 Varsity Girls Large and Small Schools Team 7

1:30 Varsity Boys Large and Small Schools Team 7

2:00 All-Comers/Coaches Race Open to community and coaches $5 per runner Day of race registration at Small Pavilion

2:15 Awards Ceremony Small Pavilion

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