Marsh-Galotta Invitational 2018

Middleburgh, NY

Meet Information


Facility Opens:8:00am

Coaches Meeting/Scratches 9:00am

Meet Starts:10:00am

Scoring:10 - 8 - 6 -4 - 2 - 1

Team Awards: Boys' Champion and Boys' Runner-UpPlaques

Girls' Champion and Girls' Runner-Up Plaques

Individual Awards: Boys/Girls

Firt Place Medals, Ribbons for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Place

Outstanding Runner, Fielder, Athlete Plaques

Entry Fee:Girls:$175; Boys:$175; Both Boys and Girls $250

Entries: Each schoolis allowed two (2) entries per individual event and one (1) per relay.Each team is allowed two (2) wild cards. Athletes may enter four (4) events each.


Coaches will enter athletes into events at mile split.The link will be provided.Entries are due Tuesday May 1, 2018. Scratches can be done the day of the event.

Questions:Call Gregg Johns, Athletic Director, 518-827-3739(office) / 518-657-1220 (cell)


When not competing, stay outside of fence area.

No tents in infield.

No Frisbees, balls, etc. on infield.

Bathroom available


High Jump:Girls, followed by Boys Girls'Opening Height, 3'8" & go up by 2"

Boys' Opening Height, 4'6" & go up by 2"

Pole Vault:Boys, followed by GirlsBoys' Opening Height, 7'raised by 6" to 9', then 3"

Girls'Opening Height, 6' raised by 6" to 8', then 3"

Shot Put:Girls, followed by Boys -3 throws-top 7 to Finalsfor 3 throws

Discus:Boys, followed by Girls -3throws-top 7 to Finals for 3 throws

Long Jump:Boys, followed by Girls -3jumps-top 7 to finals for 3 jumps

Triple Jump:Girls, followed by Boys -3 jumps-top 7 to finalsfor 3 jumps


1. 100m Dash (G)Trials

2. 100m Dash (B)Trials

3. 100m Dash (G)Semis

4. 100m Dash (B)Semis

5. 3000m Run (G)FINAL

6. 3200m Run (B)FINAL

7. 100m Hurdles(G)Trials

8. 100m Hurdles (G)Semis

9. 110m Hurdles (B)Trials

10. 110m Hurdles (B)Semis

11. 200m Dash (G)Trials

12. 200m Dash (B)Trials

13. 200m Dash (G)Semis

14. 200m Dash (B)Semis


1.3200m Relay (G)

2.3200m Relay (B)

3.100m Hurdles (G)

4.110m Hurdles (B)

5.100m Dash (G)

6.100m Dash (B)

7.1500m Run (G)

8.1600m Run (B)

9.400m Relay (G)

10.400m Relay (B)

11.400m Dash (G)

12.400m Dash (B)

13.400m Hurdles (G)

14.400m Hurdles (B)

15.800m Run (G)

16.800m Run (B)

17.200m Dash (G)

18. 200m Dash (B)

19.1600m Relay (G)

20.1600m Relay (B)