Meet Information

$7 per event, $25 per relay
2 events per athlete
cash, check, or school PO to Armory by 1/2/14

Meet Director: Tim Fulton

1) Declare your intent to compete by signing up for the meet online by (3 weeks before meet date). Make sure to register your athletes in specific events.
2) You can edit your entry up until the registration closes (note that Invitational events sometimes close earlier)
3) Print our your confirmation notice with your balance
4) Download the meet contract and fill it out
5) Remit a copy of these to your business office AND either mail or fax the contract to the meet director Tim Fulton
6) Check to make sure your entry has been accepted
7) Any questions EMAIL Tim Fulton - - I get too many phone calls to return all of them.
8) No online entry = your team does not compete on race day

Meet Day instructions will be emailed out the week before the event and posted on

Registration help: