Regis Invitational 2013

New York, NY
Hosted by Regis

Meet Information

Meet: 36th Annual Regis Invitational
Date: Sat. Sep 14, 2013
Site: Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY
Meet Director: John Donodeo, , 718-726-0124
- For questions on entering, etc: George Febles 646-554-4453,
- Contact milesplit administrator Kyle Brazeil at or (877) 833-7223 if you need to be made your teams webpage administrator.
1:00pm - Freshman Boys A Race 2500 Meters (the traditional CHSAA 1.5 mile course)
1:15pm Freshman Boys B Race2500 Meters
1:30pm Sophomore Boys Race 2.5 Miles (no Freshmen can run soph race)
1:45pm Junior Year Boys Race 2.5 Miles (ONLY for 11th grade boys)
2:00pm Varsity Race 2.5 Miles (open runners from all HS grades)
1. Entry Instructions: Coaches, go to your team page at (or nj, pa, etc) , LOG IN, then:
1. Update your roster (pay special attention to adding new freshmen). Click TEAM ADMINISTRATION, then ROSTER
2. Add us to your teams milesplit schedule. CLICK TEAM ADMINISTRATION, then SCHEDULE, then ADD MEET TO SCHEDULE, then in DATE box type in 09/15/2012, then REGIS INVITATIONAL, then click ADD MEET TO SCHEDULE (out of state schools be sure to change state to NY to find us)
2. Print and fill out form below and mail payment to:

Make Check Payable to:
Regis High School
Mail to: Coach John Donodeo
Regis High School
55 East 84th Street
New York, New York, 10028

HIGH SCHOOL:_______________________
COACH: __________________________
CELL PHONE#:_____________________
#_________ Freshman Boys @ $ 5 per $______________
#_________ Sophomore Boys @ $5 per $______________
#_________ Junior Boys @ $5 per $ _____________
#_________ Varsity Boys @ $ 5 per $______________
Total # of competitors____________x $5.00 = $______________
At the Meet:
1. Packets will be available 1.5 hours before the meet at the finish line tent
2. Be sure to pin tag, with barcoded label affixed, on each runner
3. Medals to top 50 finishers in each race will be distributed in finish chute