Live at Section 1 Coaches

Bowdin Park, NY - With only weeks left of regular competition, many teams have set off to try their hand at only the second invitational  held at Bowdoin Park.  The stakes?  For some teams, this may be the last time they set foot inside before the legendary course is used for the Federation Championships, and the Nike Regional qualifier one week later.  There are four stacked heats of boys and girls varsity races today, 8 in total, each with standout teams looking to break the mold.  Stay tuned to all the action!.  And remeber, if you want to give anyone a shoutout, simply @mention us at @MileSplitNY.  Also, this live coverage is brought to you by Arctice Ease, make sure to pick up yours below.


Also of note, check out the Brown Invite Preview, where many Long Island teams will venture:







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