UPDATED: MileSplit NY Facebook Contest: Predict the Millrose Mile and Win

The Millrose Mile is one of the most prestigious events in the sport.  Rooted in nearly 100 years of history, this years field looks to be one of the finest.  For the first time ever, we'll have the son of a former Millrose HS Miler in the field, in the form of Ned Willig (Read more about that here).  We'll also have Zavon Watkins, who proved at both the New Balance Games and the US Open that he is a mature, racing machine thats not easily outkicked.  For the girls, Samantha Nadel just came off a Madison Square Garden venue record this weekend, one of the most notoriously slow tracks.  How much lower can she go now that Nadel has the likes of Bronxville's Mary Cain and West Genesee's Laura Leff challenging her for the lead.

Forget about those Super Bowl Brackets, and try your hand at the Millrose Mile Bracket.  Being held directly on our facebook page, you'll be able to put your track knowledge to the test.  If you're the first person to correctly guess the COMPLETE finishing order of the Boys and Girls Mile, you win!  See below for more details.  And be sure to check out those fields one more time.


Disclaimer:  Due to unfortunate circumstances, Laura Leff has suffered a minor injury, which has sidelined her for the race.  We wish her the best with her recovery.  All previous entries will be kept the same, with her name removed.  Again, we wish her a quick and healthy return.  Also, sara sargeant has been added to the field as a replacement.  In order to be fair to previous entries, her name will neither count towards or against any entry.

Millrose Girls Field


Millrose Boys Field

    Zavon Watkins - Liverpool (NY) 4:14.52
Samantha Nadel - North Shore (NY) 4:46.11   Mike Marsella - Chariho (RI) 4:15.27
May Cain - Bronxville (NY) 4:48.98   Ned Willig - Great Valley (PA) 4:15.61
Kelsey Margey  - Friends Academy (NY) 4:49.03   Christian Delago - Shaker (NY) 4:16.00
Megan Moye - Cosby (VA) 4:49.36   Everett Price - New Providence (NJ) 4:16.22
Rachel Paul - Sachem East (NY) 4:52.95   Konrad Surkont - Stuyvessant (NY) 4:16.31
Sophie Case - Lake Braddock (VA) 4:58.06   Stephen Lewandowski - Mountain Lakes (NJ) 4:16.66
Audrey Batzel - Ocean Lakes (VA) 4:58.06   Adam McIe - Brewster (NY) 4:17.10
Brianna Neurd - North Shore (NY) 4:58.45   Eric Holt - Carmel (NY) 4:17.42
Tori Gerlach - Pennridge (PA) 4:58.67   Tim Gorman - CBA (NJ) 4:17.67
Alexis Panisse - Benjamin Cardoza (NY) 5:00.87   Rob Napolitano - Red Bank Catholic (NJ) 4:19.67
Maria Seykora - Notre Dame (PA) 5:001.09   Connor Rog - Fairfield Prep (CT) 4:20.08

Enter Here:  www.facebook.com/milesplitny


1st Place Prize -

First place winner is awarded a $20 Itunes gift card

First place will also have their name predominantly shown on the post-meet coverage

First place will receive two full-res photos of their choosing from the Millrose Games, or any previous NY meets



Participants must be 13 years of age or older

Only one entry per account

All entries must be entered on facebook before noon on February 11th, 2012

All entries must be able to be tied with a preexisting MileSplit account.

The winner will be decided by the most amount of correct entries for the combined boys and girls fields.  No single field entries will be considered.

If no one guesses the correct answer exactly, the winner will be decided by tallying the number of correct slots predicted out of a possible 24 correct slots.

The contest is void if there are less than 20 entrants.