Sportsmanship at its best: Rustay helps Shine finish

If you were watching the girls Class B race at The NYSPHSAA Championships, you may have seen one of the most inspiring scenes you could imagine.  Molly Shine of Pearl River was trudging down the home stretch looking like she was going to collapse at any moment.  Five yards from the finish line she did just that.  As she struggled to get up and find a way to finish, Kaylea Rustay of John F. Kennedy High School in Buffalo slowed down, stopped, and tried to help her up and across the line. 


I was standing about 30 yards from the finish line taking pictures, but I continued to watch Shine struggle and was lucky enough to capture pictures of this show of sportsmanship.  Below is a video done after the race by Kaylea's local TV station, WGRZ Buffalo.  Below that are the original pictures I took.


Rustay was struggling through some hip pain and not running as well as she hoped and she still took the time to help another runner. - Tim Fulton /