Summer Pole Vault Festival At The Barn Returns July 5-6

It's once again time for the 26th edition of the Flying Circus Summer Pole Vault Festival at the Barn. Held annually, the festival brings some of the best current and alumni vaulters together for a weekend of fun and high marks.  With Live music, food trucks, and high-flying vaulters, the weekend of July 5th and 6th serves as the kickoff for the Summer Season for the event.

A mecca for Pole Vaulters in New York, the barn offers a indoor facility, (yes, it really is in a barn), for athletes to soar.  Home of the Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault club, the name fits the atmosphere.  With rings hanging from the ceiling, springboards a'plenty, and more than a fair share of ways to leave the ground, The Barn promotes athletes to not fear gravity.

The facility is owned and operated by Pole Vault Guru Tim St. Lawrence.  Much like the facility itself, the unassuming man on the outside is filled with more knowledge, excitement, and enthusiasm for the sport that it overflows around him.  The excitement is contagious, inspiring all those around him to  take up a pole, and get off the ground.

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Friday. July 5 2024. Schedule
                     Warm Up Opens. 1 hour prior. to start time)
                11:01AM Start.... Boys & Girls Middle School  Athletes
                12:31PM Start..... Boys  & Girls HS  Freshman  Athletes
                  3:31PM Start.... Boys and Girls HS Sophomore Athletes
                  6:01PM Start.... Men and Women Masters Athletes
 Saturday July 6 , 2024
                      (Warm Up Opens... 1 hour prior to start Time)
                  11:01AM Start....Boys & Girls   HS Junior  Athletes
                   2:01PM. Start....Boys & Girls HS Senior Athletes
                   5:01PM. Start... College/Open Men/Women Athletes