2 New Changes Coming To Future Track & Field NY State Meets

Starting in 2025, the New York State Meets are set to expand, now able provide more opportunities for student athletes to compete for a State Title. At the January 31st NYSPHSAA Executive Meeting, two long awaited proposals were approved to bring the sports of Track & Field more in line with the rest of the State's sport offerings.

Indoor Track

Starting in the 2024-2025 Indoor Track competitive Season, the Indoor State Meet will be making the addition of a D1/D2 system for all relays, excluding the Intersectional Relay. This system will mirror that of the Outdoor State Track Meet, where Large Schools (D1) compete separately than Small Schools (D2) for their own respective NYSPHSAA State Titles, while also crowning a Federation title that includes athletes from the PSAL, CHSAA, and AAIS. The stated rationale was that while the individual events remained just that, fielding a relay team at a lower enrollment school was more difficult than at a large enrollment school, and that those considerations should be addressed when weighing a State Title. You can read the full text below.

Outdoor Track

Starting with the 2025 Outdoor Track Season, the Outdoor State Meet will add a third division, putting it more in line with other sports across the Empire State. Currently, Cross Country has four classifications, and Indoor Track has just moved to two classifications for relays. Outdoor Track would be moving from a two classification system to a three classification system (most likely labeled D1-D2-D3). For perspective, Football currently has five classifications, with Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball have six. The State Meet competition will remain two days, with extra time being added on to both days to accommodate the proposed extra 500 athletes.

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