New York State Boys Overall Public School Rankings

Many teams around the state finished their seasons with Sectional or conference championships last week. A lucky group will continue on to States, and the CHSAA teams of the NYC area will be running for their championship on Saturday at Van Cortlandt Park. While we provided a Sectional Merge in our State Meet Previews, we did not provide the typical Overall State Rankings.

The list below is our breakdown of the standings for NY's top 30 boys teams among the NYSPHSAA schools based on their season's ratings along with their performance at their most recent championship. Most teams ran close to or a little above or below their customary ratings during Sectionals. Shenendehowa got a big boost with the return of top runner Nathan Brimhall after a month's absence to win the Section 2 Class A title. Saratoga also saw a big jump in that race that is not really represented yet in its season's ratings, and Port Washington also was a team that ran well above its season standard while taking 2nd in Section 8 Class A.

A second list follows with the rankings for the top dozen teams in the NYC area's CHSAA-PSAL-NYSAIS conferences. The PSAL and NYSAIS held their conference championships last Sunday, and the CHSAA will be holding its championship this Saturday. A detailed CHSAA Preview will be coming out tomorrow.

Note: This list has no influence on the Federation Meet Invitations. It is simply our view of the post-season, replacing what would have been the Nike Regional, which is typically 30 teams deep in the Championship Session. The list will be reissued after the CHSAA and NYSPHSAA Championships, with both lists merged.

In the rankings below, the speed ratings average for the top five runners is noted along with the season's individual scores in parentheses. The smaller the gap from the first to the fifth number, usually the better. A few runners who have made giant leaps lately that are not really reflected in their season's average are noted with a + sign.

RankTeamSect. PlaceSR AVG. (1-5 Split)Runners
1CorningS4-A - 1st173.4 (185-180-169-168-165)Gregorski, Bange, Gensel, McLaren, G./D Cornfeld, Homa
2Burnt HillsS2-B - 1st171.2 (176-173-170-170-167)Fulgieri, Rounds, Grock, Allison, Windecker, Casey, Smith
3Fayetteville-ManliusS3-A - 1st168.2 (176-170-166-165-164)Otis, McGinn, Seamans, Patrick, Mathews, Dereszynski
4ShenendehowaS2-A - 1st167.8 (175-172-165-164-163)Brimhall, Clay, Fox, Adonnino, Doll, Matthews, Dechiro
5NiskayunaS2-A - 2nd166.2 (184-170-164-163-151)Franjieh, Malatesta, Thomas, Hesler, Benki
6Pittsford MendonS5-B - 1st163.6 (171-165-165-161-156)Valentine, Cox, Schenkel, Burke, Hanson, Kane
7Webster ThomasS5-A - 1st163.0 (170-167-164-158-156)Thomas, Lacey, Montemaro, Lewis, Morales, Barnwell
8FairportS5-A - 2nd163.8 (180-165-164-156-154)Farrell, Schwab, Passalugo, Ditzel, Cady, Roeser
9Westhampton BeachS11-B - 1st166.4 (184-180-175-153-140)Ehlers, Haynia, Hayes, Alvarado, Cammarata
10CalhounS8-A - 1st160.8 (170-169-157-154-154)Schwab, Schaeffler, Hughes, Giordano, Rosario, Belmonte
11NorthportS11-A - 1st161.0 (173-167-159-157-149)Semo, Sheahan, Meiner, Cruz, McNaughton
12IthacaS4-A - 2nd158.8 (166-164-159-154-151)Richardson, Zawel, Shaw, Kingsley, Newton, Woods
13SaratogaS2-A - 3rd161.0+ (186-169-158-148-144)Bush, Talerico+ Bernd+, Mansfield, Hemsworth+
14MamaroneckS1-A - 1st160.8 (177-176-164-163-133)Markopoulos, Doherty, Young, Robinson, Carrillo
15ColumbiaS2-A - 4th158.2 (174-160-156-152-151)Davis, Yannone, Farnan, Norton, Cairns
16Port WashingtonS8-A - 2nd157.8+ (175-156-155-152-151)Funk+, Lane+, Taylor, Ahmutty+, Meehan+
17ClarenceS6-A - 1st157.6 (165-158-158-154-153)Reid, Elibol, Zhang, Holden, Ranalletta
18East AuroraS6-B - 1st156.2 (156-156-156-153-150)Owens, Ticen, Zaff, Rung, Tent, Axford
19LiverpoolS3-A - 2nd157.4 (179-160-154-152-149)Hagan, Kenna, Sherlock, Makhlouf, Purvis
20Monroe-WoodburyS9-A - 1st158.4 (173-169-163-151-136)Catherwood, Gilstrap, Urcioli, Shetty, Benoit
21VictorS5-A - 2nd157.2 (178-167-152-149-143)Barbato, Sumarsono, Baldwin, Carey, Chumacero
22McQuaidS5-B - 2nd157.2 (180-171-152-150-133)Chichelli, Brown, Anderson, Steele, Weidman
23IrondequoitS5-A - 3rd154.2 (167-161-157-146-142)Branch, Lyons, McCollum, Yanguas, DeNunzio
24SmithtownS11-A - 2nd153.8 (171-164-147-147-140)Nagosky, Anatky, Melendez, Weiner, Wingert
25BrightonS5-A - 4th153.6 (173-158-146-146-145)Butler, Sharp, Koen, Marques, Mandler
26ArlingtonS1-A - 2nd153.8 (164-156-153-149-140)Green, D'Orazio, Bri. Brutting, Bry. Brutting, Sharpy
27West GeneseeS3-A - 3rd153.2 (177-176-164-153-133)McMahon, Gomes, Moser, Canmy, Broccoli
28Tri-ValleyS9-D - 1st151.8 (178-153-151-140-135)A. Furman, Costa, V. Furman, Edwards, Mingo
29IrvingtonS1-C - 1st150.2 (163-159-145-144-141)Lyons, Turano, Carron, Minkoff+, Pierce+, Cypher
30Mount AcademyS9-B - 1st150.6 (179-157-146-138-133)Blough, Kleinsasser, Moody, Baird, Arnold

For the teams in the conferences around NYC that are not included in the Top 30 rankings above, the breakdown for the Top 12 is as follows. The rankings are heavily dependent on the place of finish at recent championships.

Sect. Place
SR AVG.  (1-5 Split)
Fordham Prep
164.4 (189-165-159-159-150)
Hogan, Dennehy, Mayo, Febles, Croke
161.4 (174-161-158-157-157)
Hawkes, Moser, Flett, Oettl, Sweeney, Carolan
Saint Anthony's
157.0 (164-160-155-154-152)
Wilson, Paredes, Morelli, Molloy, Prestipano
Brooklyn Tech
PSAL - 1st
156.4 (167-161-154-154-146)
Reisner, Wolfe-Thompson, Jopek, Zhao, Orbegozo
Susan Wagner
PSAL - 2nd
161.0 (179-174- 160-159-133)
Perazzo, Connelly, Diaz, Rodriguez-King, Frayler
155.0 (164-158-153-151-149)
Going, Anselmo, Mulryan, Sweeney, Higgins
St. Francis Prep
148.6 (155-150-150-148-140)
Koenig, Cote+, Vene+, Meghan, Donaldson
Monsignor Farrell
150.2 (157-153-153-145-143)
Zarrella, Mason, Colafiore, Ciuffo, Seta
PSAL - 3rd
149.8 (161-159-159-137-133)
Pures, Murphy, Kolke-Sieira, Bruder, Cohen
NYSAIS - 1st
149.6 (162-157-155-142-131)
Davis, Noonan, White, Dogra, Rajpal
NYSAIS - 2nd
156.4 (180-167-147-138-136)
DeNatale, R. Luff, L. Luff, Shah, Nesselson
PSAL - 4th
149.6 (158-151-147-142-142)
Bacon, Lee, Jenkins, Kuchinad, Hughes