2021 Sectional Scorecard - Complete

It's time to put our previews to the test!  Below, you will find a quick link to all the results from each of the Sectional contests.  Below that, we grade our previews and see how our predictions held up.  And finally, we have our live updates from around the State, all weekend.  See how we did!

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Section 1

 6/8 - Suffern and North Rockland Girls was as close as suspected, but it was Pearl River Boys with the biggest upset of the day.

Section 2

 7/8 - the return of Nate Brimhall for Shen made all the difference, shifting the predictions enough for the upset.

Section 3

7/8 - New Hartford girls proved us wrong, winning Class C handidly

Section 4

6/8 - Class C saw tight battles on both sides, with a 3point swing on the boys side to change the outcome.

Section 5

 6/8 - HFL returns to the big show after an upset, while LeRoy wins Boys Class C by six.

Section 6

 7/8 - Southwestern took home the win with three in the top ten, for the upset.

Section 7

 7/8 - Saranac Lake boys upset Peru by two points.

Section 8

8/8 - Perfect Score!

Section 9

8/8 - Perfect Score!

Section 10 

8/8 - Perfect Score!

Section 11

8/8 - Despite a 6th man tie-breaker in Girls Class B