Top Ten VCP Times Rule The Day - Full Manhattan Invite Recap

Boys Eastern State Championships - Individuals

Recap: There were some questions on Jackson Barna after he dropped out of the Shore Coaches Invite the week prior. However, those questions were answered on the backhills of VCP, as Barna cruised the first 1,000m, before breaking down the field with a mile to go. The clock ticked just past the magic 12-min mark as he crossed the line, solidifying himself as the No. 5 performer of all-time at VCP and grabbing his first ever speed rating north of 190. Gitch Hayes takes second here, jumping to No. 13 on the All-Time list, sniped by Marco Langon in one of the Varsity Letter Races, which gave NJ a 1-2 punch on the merge.

Tracking Shot



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