New Documentary Film Honoring Paul Limmer Due Out Next Week

See THE 5TH MAN at the Stony Brook Film Festival on July 22 at 8:00 pm. Tickets & Information at

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The 5th Man

 World Premiere - United States - 71 minutes

Written and directed by Trey Nelson.

For 50 years, Paul Limmer was a world class track coach at Long Island's Mepham High School. He holds New York State's record for wins with 737 and was inducted into the 2016 New Balance Coaches Hall of Fame. Limmer's true legacy, however, has nothing to do with awards. Thousands of former athletes, many of whom never broke a single record or won a solitary trophy, credit him for changing their lives. The 5th Man   is the story of all the other kids - the ones who never felt "seen" - until Paul Limmer came into their lives. This documentary is an extraordinary story about an ordinary teacher whose dedication and willingness to learn impacted so many lives.

Produced by Dexter Braff, Rebecca Stern and Adam Brenner. Edited by Savannah Bayse, Michael Choi and Catherine Trasborg.  Director of Photography: Jaron Berman. A 5th Man Productions & Atlantic Pictures Production