PSAL City Champs By The Numbers

Last week, we released a history of every PSAL City Championship team, for every season, for the last 100 years. While the raw data is impressive, parsing that data down to find certain trends proves to be even more so. Who is the most successful PSAL Coach? Which team has the most wins?  We found the answers.

A special thank you to longtime NYC Coach John Padula for providing the list. Any additions and/or corrections can be forwarded along to both, and
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Boys Historical Look At PSAL Champs

Girls Historical Look At PSAL Champs

Boys Most Wins By Coach

Boys Most Wins By School

New UterechtB. Hyman22Boys & Girls 48
Boys HighDoug Terry15Brooklyn Tech28
Brooklyn TechEd Zarowin15New Utrect27
Thomas JeffersonClaudel Martin14Dewitt Clinton20
ManuelA. T. Robinson13Stuyvesant19
Boys & GirlsJames Jackson12Curtis16
Jackson HSMilt Blatt11Thomas Jeffereson14
Boys HighSid Elstein10Manual13
TottenvilleJoe Cicoria9Tottenville12
Dewitt ClintonBill Wagner9Susan Wagner11
Newtown/BaysideLou Werner9Newtown8
StuyvesantW. Bradshaw8MSIT8
Sheepshead Bay/WagnerJohn Padula8Transit Tech 7
Brooklyn TechLen Malech7South Shore5
South Shore/Brooklyn TechPhil Zodda7Flushing4
Transit TechSydney Macintosh7Midwood 3
CurtisM. Dwyer6Medgar Evers2
FlushingA. Fish6
StuyvesantMark Mendez6
New UterechtJackson Browne5
Boys HighKen Gibson5
KennedyBruce Selman5
MSITScott Crabbe4
MSITWillie Cicoria4
CurtisRon Banks4
KennedyIrv Goldberg4
CurtisC. Jung3
Susan WagnerJoel Hochheiser3
EdisonDave Cohen3
Dewitt ClintonH.H Wright3
MidwoodMark Cohen3
CurtisBob Andrews2
Brooklyn TechIra Bloom2
Susan WagnerSteve Zaccariello2
Franklin HSIrv Goldberg2
Commerce HSMarty Lewis2
New UtrectJackson Browne2
Medgar EversShaun Dietz2
Brooklyn TechWade Clark2
NewtownH. Lynch2

Girls Most Wins By Coach

Girls Most Wins By School

TottenvillePete Whitehouse27Tottenville29
CardozaGail Emanuel/Ray James17Brooklyn Tech 22
Brooklyn TechLen Malech16Cardoza17
Boys&GirlsJames Jackson10Boys&Girls10
Dewitt ClintonCornell Johnson8Tilden7
AP RandolphPhillis Anderson6Dewitt Clinton6
TildenKent Simon6AP Randolph6
JamaicaAlan Coles5Jamaica5
RobesonHorace Sutherland4Robenson4
Medgar EversShaun Dietz3MSIT4
CurtisJoe Sicilian3Medgar Evers3
Brooklyn TechJ. Heller2Curtis 3
TottenvilleJesus Lopez2
MSITMary Brooks2
MSITPatricia Mulligan2
Brooklyn TechPhil Zodda2
Young Women'sLagravines/Weekes2

Triple Crowns-Boys

Triple Crowns-Girls

Manuel 1909-1910Brooklyn Tech1976-1977
Manuel 1910-1911Brooklyn Tech1977-1978
Boys high 1966-1967Brooklyn Tech1978-1979
Brooklyn Tech 1971-1972Brooklyn Tech1979-1980
Brooklyn Tech 1978-1979Tottenvile1985-1986
Brooklyn Tech1989-1990Tottenvile1986-1987
Dewitt Clinton1990-1991Tottenvile1992-1993
Susan Wagner2017-2018Boys&Girls2000-2001