A Message From The Loucks Games Meet Director Fred Singleton

November 4, 2020
Hi Everyone,
The Glenn D. Loucks Games Executive Committee and I are hopeful that you, your families, colleagues and teams are well and in good health. Indeed, we are experiencing trying times.

On the evening of October 26th , the Loucks Games Executive Committee had a Zoom meeting at which the future of the 2021 Games was a major topic. I outlined, going forward, that there are three possible paths for the Games.

First, the rose-colored-glasses-on approach: the Games would remain the exact same, with teams coming from all of the ten to eleven states and several provinces that they usually come from. Honestly, with numbers of virus cases rising all over the region, this scenario seems unlikely.

Second, sadly, the 2021 Games would meet with the same fate as the 2020 Games and have to be canceled. Wow, I hated writing that last sentence.

Third, and probably most likely, hopefully the Games will go on with changes, which could range from slight changes to major ones. On that theme, first off, it is difficult in November to predict what life will be like in May. But we are looking into alternate schedules and other possible changes.

New York State will determine whether people from other states can freely travel to New York, that travel either having quarantines periods or not. Clearly, the decisions of the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) dictate any actions that we could take. The Governor of New York and the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) could make determinations about travel among Glenn D. Loucks Games May 6-8, 2021 White Plains High School 550 North Street White Plains, NY 10605 Fred Singleton - Meet Director theloucksgames@gmail.com (914) 422-2314 www.theloucksgames.org regions of New York State. With the guidance of the NYSDOH, the Governor and NYSPHSAA from what locations could people arrive in White Plains?

We at Loucks also will have to adhere to the policies of the Board of Education of White Plains. Just how many people will they be comfortable having on campus at one time?

At the Zoom meeting I told the group that it might not be until late March or early April that we know if there are Games or not, and from what states I can accept entries. But keep in mind, clearly your states, school districts, and you, the coaches, have the ultimate say in your plans. Will your state allow travel to New York? How about your school? Many of you travel from great distances -- would you feel comfortable in a vehicle traveling several hours to get here. Parents would enter into this equation too, as they might not want their children traveling. Do you feel comfortable bringing your athletes to White Plains for overnight travel?

Please keep in mind that any future decisions are not intended to be taken personally. If I am told that athletes from a particular state or several states cannot attend, please don't take it as a slap in the face from the Games. Likewise, if you communicate that you have decided (or it has been decided for you) not to come to White Plains, we will understand. Yes, these are trying times.

Judging from how the local cross country season has played out so far, there seems to be an emphasis on local competition only. It is hurtful to think that many of our favorite out-of-state programs would not be with us for a second straight year. If that becomes the case, and if Loucks is only allowed to host teams from our local area, we will have the meet -- trophies and all. However, entries from local schools might be greatly limited. Events might be eliminated. Hours of participation might have to be factored into things. We will gain some insight as we see how many of the indoor meets are run this winter.

Yes, there are more twists than a pretzel factory.

Finally, the Committee and I wish you and yours great safety and health. Please look for a follow up letter in late January or early February. Have a safe Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.

Good luck to all of you.
Fred Singleton -- Meet Director