A Look At Every CHSAA Intersectional Champion Ever

It's the one State Meet we'll have during the 2020 Fall Season here in New York, and it is one steeped in history. The meet hasn't been cancelled since its inception, a time period that began with the first solo transatlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh in 1927, and has continued on through World events like World War II, the Vietnam War, and more. Founding members of the league were Fordham Prep, All Hallows, LaSalle Academy, Regis, St. Ann's, Xavier, Brooklyn Prep, Bishop Loughlin, Brooklyn Cathedral, St. John's Prep, and St. Francis Prep, many of which still competing today.

Not only has there been consistency, but there has been masterful record keeping. Below, you'll find every CHSAA Intersectional Champion ever, dating back to the original meet. For the Catholic Association, this is their State Meet, and 2020 won't put a stop to tradition, although it may look a little different.

Girls Champs
Boys Champs

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While the CHSAA was born in March of 1927, the actual CHSAA Intersectional Championships for Cross Country didn't start until 1929. Prior to that, it was called the Athletic Association of Private Schools (AAPS) Cross Country Championships, and there was an overlap of two years. Outdoor Track was a founding sport in 1927, Indoor in 1928, and Cross in 1929.

Here are those full results of 1927.

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The 1942 CHSAA Champ, the first championship run during the US's joining of WWII.