Help for fans and coaches: A description of school uniforms

Mike Rauh, a long time Armory announcer, keeps this list of school uniforms so he can better call the races here at The Armory.  As you head out and get ready to match up with many teams you've never seen before this list may help you as a fan, a coach, and a spectator.  


School Name Colors
Absegami Black & Gold tank   w/black 'A'
Abington Maroon top w/white 'A'
Ardsley Red & blue  w/yellow 'A'
Amityville Red top w/white 'A'
Archbishop Carol Red top w/black 'A' white 'C' or Black 'A' & red 'C'
Abraham Lincoln Gray top blue 'AL'
Academy of All Holy Angels Blue top  w/white letters
Bellport Red top   w/white letters
Bernard Green top   w/ white 'B'
Bradford Blue top red 'B' with wings
Bernerds Red top  w/white letters
Bordentown Black top  w/gold 'B'
Branford White tank   w/red 'B'
Bridgeton Purple and Black top,  weird symbol
Bronxville Blue top white sides   w/white 'B'
Msgr. Bonner White 'B'
Melville Blue & orange top w/white letters
Bergenfield Red   w/ White letters
Baldwinsville Red top with white band
Riverhead Blue top w/white letters
Coatesville Black top  w/red 'C' and white outline
Commack Black top     w/gold 'C'
Chesapeake Light blue   w/white 'C' & crown over 'C'
Collegiate Blue top       w/orange 'C'
Copaigue medium blue top w/white 'C'
Cinaminson Red top       w/white 'C'
Curtis Purple top   w/white 'C'
Clifton White top    w/ Purple 'C'
Camden - girls Purple top tan sides   w/Gold 'C'
Cherokee HS White/Yellow top  w/ small yellow letters
Central Bucks East Red top w/blue letters
  Blue top Light blue 'CC'
Christian Brothers Academy  
C.H. Flowers Green top  w/white letters
Willingboro Navy top w/maroon letters
Camden High School - boys Purple & Gold
Chester HS Black w/Orange letters
Colts Neck Green top white side and gray letters
Cicero North Syracuse Blue top  w/ 'CNS'
Cardinal Hayes Purple
Hicksville Orange top  w/black letters
Downingtown East  
Central Regional Maroon
Central Regional South Pale yellow top
Convent of the Sacred Heart Red top w/black letters
Demarest Blue top  w/white 'D'
Delany Red top  symbol & small name in black
Eastern Blue top   w/Red 'E' OR Red with blue 'E'
Eleanor Roosevelt Blue tank    w/white letters
Engineering & Science Blue top   w/gold letters
Frederick Douglass Academy Maroon/white sides     w/Gold letters
Fitch HS Black & white top w/red ltrs
August Martin Blue tank   w/gold letters
George Washington Black & Orange
Grady Black w/Maroon 'G' OR White/maroon top gold 'G'
Guilderland Red top white 'G'
John Glenn HS  
Gchid Mercy Academy Red top with gold letters
Great Neck South  
Simon Gratz Red top   w/white letters
Pleasantville Maroon w/white letters
Gill St. Bernard Blue top  w/white letters
Henderson Purple top/white sides    white 'H'
Hatbro Horsham  
Holy Child Blue top w/white letters
Haddon Heights Maroon w/gold ltrs OR white with green ltrs
Holy Ghost Prep Blue top with white letters
Henderdon High Black top maroon 'HH'
Half Hallow Hills  
Herbert Lehman Blue top orange 'HL' OR Gold top blue HL
Villa Maria Academy Navy top w/light blue letters
Harry S Truman  
Holy Trinity Green top w/white letters
Horace Mann Maroon top   w/ White 'HM'
Health Professions HS Purple top w/white letters
Hunderdon Central Black top w/maroon letters -- white outline
Immaculate Heart Academy  
Irving Green top   w/White letters
Jackson Memorial  (boys)  
Van Buren White w/blue letters
West Winslow / Plainsboro Balck top blue letters
Bishop Lawrence Blue top w/gold 'L'
Bishop Loughlin Yellow top   w/gold 'L'  -- purple edge
Willingboro Navy top w/maroon letters
Jackson Memorial  (girls)  
Largo H.S. white top w/script letters
Woodrow Wilson Orange top, black shoulders black letters
Lynbrook HS Green & white top
Lincoln HS Purple   w/white letters
Life Sciences Blue top and     'LS3'
Lower Merrion  
Lincoln Sudbury Blue top white letters
Matawan Maroon w/white 'M' OR black 'M'
Middleboro White with blue side Gold 'M'
Morristown Black with Gold 'M'
Meade HS Brown / white sides Gold 'M' on back
Mount St. Michael's Yellow top   w/Black 'M' or Blue top yellow 'M'
Middle College @ Medgar Evers Black   w/Gold 'MCHS'
Morristown Black   w/ yellow letters
McAuley Maroon top     w/small gold letters
Mervo White  w/ blue & gold sides
Washington Township  
McKee Staten Island Tech  
  Blue top w/ Red letters
  Purple top w/Gold letters
Mount Vernon HS Purple w/gold letters
Nazareth Maroon top    w/Gold 'N'
Norwalk Green top w/white letter
Northport Blue top w/ White 'N'
North Bergen White top with Red letters
Norman Thomas Maroon top    w/Gold 'NT'
Toms River North White top    Big yellow 'N'
North Hunderdon Green, yellow letter, white slash
Franklin Blue top       w/Gold Helmet
  Blue tank    w/white wings
Hewart Black tank   w/gold underarms
Wilby Green top
West Catholic All blue tank
Oldbridge Black & White vertical stripes
Stepinac Blue and white top
Burkley Purple top   w/White sides
Prospect Heights White top    w/red sholders
Canarsie Blue top w/white Indian head
Upper Darby Yellow top   w/blue shorts
Ramapo Green w/yellow & white sides
Walter Johnson Green w/ white PANTHER HEAD
Lehman Gold with white sides
Cardinal O'Hara Maroon with white 'O'
Ocean Township White w/red sides & Blue letters
Pine Bush HS Navy blue w/ white 'PB' & circle
Pine Bush HS  
Pine Plains (and Hempstead) Navy blue w/ light blue 'P'  & wings logo
Pensaulken White shoe w/wing and blue letters
Camden Black top w/purple letters
Port Chester Blue top   w/white letters
St. Vincent Black top    w/red letters
Clearview Yellow top    w/green letters
Schriber HS Blue top   w/white letters
Piscataway HS Black & yellow top
Queens HS of Teaching White/black top
Ridge HS Green top white 'R'
Randolph HS  
St. Raymonds Navy Blue
Rancolas Valley Regional H.S.  
Scarsdale HS  
Great Neck South Orange/blue/white top
Ridgefield HS Pinkish top w/black letters
Basking Ridge Green with white letters
Paul Robeson H.S. Green & Black
Christ the King HS Maroon w/gold letters
Rumson-Fair Haven  
Red Bank  
Ridgefield Black & orange top  Orange 'R'
Southhampton White tank w/purple 'S'
Sheepshead White top stylized 'S' outline blue/orange
St. Basil Academy Blue top
South Colonie Maroon top with gold letters
Smithtown East Red top white letters
South Shore Purple top   w/Yellow letters
South Toms River  
Southern Regional HS Black top w/gold letters
Valley Stream North White top   w/green letters
Tilden Blue top     w/white 'T'
Taft Educational Campus Putple top white letters on back
Woodrow Wilson  
Tappan Zee Red top   w/White 'TZ'
Trenton Black top White sides
Union Catholic Blue top with white letters
Upper Dublin Red and gray
Vineland Red with gray 'V'
Perkiomen Valley Orange top w/white letters
St. John Villa  
Villa Maria Academy Navy top w/light blue letrters
Valley Stream Central Blue top    w/white letters
Valley Stream South  
Walt Whitman Blue top Balck 'W'
Weaver Green top white 'W'
Weston Blue top gold 'W'
Woodstone Blue top orange 'W'
Lincoln Sudbury Blue top white letters
Liverpool Orange/blue top
West Detford Green top w/white letters
Liberty Park Maroon top white letters
West Windsor Plainsboro White w/green side and gold letters
Woodlands Green top w/white 'W'
Warren Hills Blue top   w/White 'WH'
Dowingtown West Blue   w/ gold letters
West Morris  
Williamsville North HS Green top white letters
Wisser Hickam Blue   w/Yellow 'W'
Wall H.S.  
Washington Township Red   w/ black letters
Woodstown HS Blue & orange   w/orange letters
Xavarian Blue   w/ gold letters