Rauber Continues Chase For 5K State Record This Friday

Two weeks off her Section 3 record for 5,000m (recently approved), Brooke Rauber (Tully) is hopping into her first professional race as an unattached athlete in search of lowering that benchmark. Running at the Garden State Track Club Fall Series two weekends ago, Rauber ran 16:32.62, making her the fourth fastest outdoor 5K runner in state history. On her radar is Kelsey Chmiel's (Saratoga) senior class state record of 16:18.57, set back in 2019. Chmiel will be Rauber's teammate next year when she attends NC State. The overall state record is held by Mary Cain (Unattached) at 15:45.46

Rauber won't be the only High School athlete in the field. 2018 Foot Locker Champion Sydney Masciarelli (Marianapolis Preparatory School, CT) will be lined up in the women's fast heat. Masciarelli placed seventh at Foot Locker in 2019 after battling illness, but came back with a 16:16.20 on the track to win the New Balance Outdoor Nationals women's championship 5K last summer. On the boys side, Aidan Puffer (Manchester, CT) will be toeing the line one week after placing fourth against the pros at a road race over the weekend, clocking 14:34 for 5K.

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Official Press Release

On Friday, October 2, some of the top professional, college, and high school distance runners on the East Coast will be racing some fast 5k's on the track in the NYC area. Some will be racing in hopes of achieving an Olympic Trials standard, one will be going for a high school state record, and many more will be striving for personal bests during a time when racing opportunities are scarce. Two one mile races have been also added to the program including an elite race and a sub 5:00 attempt by Sports Illustrated writer and commentator Chris Chavez. Chris and his partner Ryan Sterner will also be providing live commentary throughout the night. To watch live streaming of the meet, please visit http://bakline.com/nightofthe5k or check out the Citius Mag Youtube page.

** - Indicates New York Alumnus

Women's 5K A-heat

Allie Kieffer** 15:52 5K, 32:09 10K, 2:28 Marathon
Lindsey Scherf** 15:55 5k, 32:27 10K, 2:32 Marathon
Crevoiserat, Lindsay 9:09 3k, 15:58 5K
Brooke Rauber 16:32 5K
Gemma Nuttall** 4:39 mile, 9:28 3k
Elise Ramirez 16:34 5K
Rebeka Stowe 3K steeple 9:52, 16:08 5k
Kaitlyn Ohrtman** 4:20 1500m
Sasha Whittle 4:33 1500, 17:04 5K
Victoria Kingham 4:26 1500, 16:37 5K
Sydney Masciarelli 9:21 3K, 16:16 5K
Christine Ramsey 16:35 5K, 34:51 10K, 2:39 marathon
Danielle Aragon (pacer) 4:09 1500

Women's 5K B-Heat

Ana Johnson 17:19 5K, 2:43 marathon
Jordan Cuningham-Snyder 17:29 5K
Grace Bowen 17:18 5K, 2:44 marathon
Emmi Aguillard 17:15 5K
Jessica Chichester 17:26 5K, 2:42 marathon
Alana Levy 17:46 5K
Leigh Anne Sharek 17:00 5K
Kate Gustafson
17:11 5K, 1:16 1/2 marathon, 2:40 marathon
Ashley Litoff 17:38 5K
Abigail Taylor 17:26 5K
Caroline Yarbrough 16:20 5K
Sarah Fountain 17:35 5K
Carly Graham 17:41 5K
Amanda Asaro 17:01 5K
Aileen Barry 16:28 5K, 2:44 Marathon
Haley Ritsema 2:16 800, 4:47 1500
Meggie Sullivan (Pacer) 4:18 1500

Men's 5K A-Heat

Don Cabral
2016 Olympian, 13:22 5K, 8:13 Steeplechase
Mohamed Hrezi
2016 Olympian (Libya) 13:42 5k, 61:11 1/2 Marathon (NR)
Ehab El-Sandali
13:52 5K, 2 x Canadian U20 XC Champ
Matthew Crowe 13:57 5K
Duriel Hardy 14:04 5K, 29:20 10k
Dylan Grearinger 3k 7:59, 5K 14:13
John Busque 14:11 5K, 29:22 10K
Sam Geha 2:24 debut marathon
Everett Hackett
14:03 5K, 64:34 1/2, 2:18:57 Marathon
Brendan Martin 14:01 5K, 2:15 Marathon
Jamie Dee 8:04 3k, 14:04 5K
Mike O'Leary 4:06 mile, 8:10 3K
Daniel Winn (Pacer) 3:37 1500, 13:52 5k
Tom Slattery (Pacer)** 14:00 5K

Men's 5K B-Heat

Alex Norstrom 29:57 10K
Graham Baird 14:10 5K
Campbell Lee 3:51 1500
Jac Hopkins 8:05 3K
Mitchell Ammons 67 1/2 marathon, 2:24 marathon
Billy Ullrich 4:04 1 mile, 8:11 3K
Patrick Hanley 14:32 5K
Greg Morgan 1500 3:46, 3k 8:14, 5K 14:20
Aidan Puffer
8:58 2 miles, 14:47 5K track, ran 14:34
Ryan Archer 14:38 5K, 30:29 10K
David Kilgore 14:27 5K, accomplished Ultra runner
Paul Matusak 14:40 5k, 2:22 marathon
Matthew Farrell 14:25 5K
Zachary Barker 14:39 5K, 30:04 10K, 2:20 marathon
Josh Hibbs 14:37 5K, 2:19 marathon
Sam Montclair 14:44 5K
Sean Donohue 14:46 5K
Miguel Galvez 14:42 5K
Paul Markovina 8:32 3K, 15:03.31 5K
Stephen Gomez 14:43 5K
Joe Stilin (Pacer) 3:39 1500, 13:32 5K, 28:21 10K