Beasts of the NY States - Biggest Winners from 2010 to 2019

Boys Triple Jump

Beastly Bytes: Supreme Dominator: Shane Green (Erasmus Hall) 2011, Winning margin: 1-11.50, Average winning margin for event: 8.50, Smallest winning margin for event: 1.25, Next Nastiest Beast : Tobi Tella (McQuaid) 2016, 1-11.00

Tale of the Beast

Shane Green won his D1 contest 3.75 inches in 2011, but then he went more than a foot further in the Championship round and exploded his winning margin to a shade under 2 feet. Green's leap was more than 8 inches behind the 2010 winner Brandon Hutchinson of Bay Shore who won by a tiny 1.25 inches despite the 50+ foot leap. Tobi Tella almost equaled Green's margin in 2016 in a very competitive year that included Beacon's Rayvon Grey the 2016 indoor States champ in pursuit.