Beasts of the NY States - Biggest Winners from 2010 to 2019

Girls 200m

Beastly Bytes: Supreme Dominator: Kadecia Baird (Megar Evers) 2012, Winning margin: 1.10, Average winning margin for event: 0.435, Smallest winning margin for event: 0.01, Next Nastiest Beast : Kadecia Baird (Medgar Evers) 2013, 0.88

Tale of the Beast

In 2011 the winning margin was 0.01, and then in in 2012 Kadecia Baird just totally dominated while winning by more than a second. Her win in her senior year in 2013 of 0.88 was not quite as Beastly but was still pretty ferocious. In a Beastly oddity, Baird holds the meet record in the 100m that Lanae Tava-Thomas Beasted in, while Thomas holds the meet record in Baird's 200m Beast event.