Beasts of the NY States - Biggest Winners from 2010 to 2019

Boys 400m

Beastly Bytes: Supreme Dominator: Richard Rose (Boys & Girls) 2015, Winning margin: 1.36, Average winning margin for event: 0.56, Smallest winning margin for event: 0.07, Next Nastiest Beast : Mel Mosley (Middletown) 2012. 1.25

Tale of the Beast

This one in 2015 has to be the weirdest Beast performance in all of these events and included two guys who are 5th and 6th all-time in the 400m for NY. In the D1 400m, Amsterdam's Izaiah Brown set a meet record with a 46.40 time while beating Richard Rose by 0.62 seconds. But as with the 200m, Brown did not compete on Saturday in the Championship race after feeling heaviness in his legs from Friday, and Rose cruised a bit and ran 0.20 slower than he did in the D1 race but still got the most Beastly of margins at States. Rose's decision to keep a little in the tank helped Boys and Girls win the States 4x400m race, and Brown saved his legs for Nationals, where he took 4th in the 400m in a race won by TC Williams' Noah Lyles.