Beasts of the NY States - Biggest Winners from 2010 to 2019

Girls Pole Vault

Beastly Bytes: Supreme Dominator: Bethany Cripps (Central Square) 2016 Winning margin: 8.00, Average winning margin for event: 3.25, Smallest winning margin for event: 0, Next Nastiest Beast : Emily Gallagher (Lansing) 2017, 7.00

Tale of the Beast

Another one that brings back the memories from the Tales of the Cripps show, as the Central Square PV star just did not want to stop. After winning at 12-3, she just kept on pushing upward before bowing out with final attempts at 13-0 while the guys waited and waited and waited for their turn back in 2016. Lansing's Emily Gallagher went 2 inches higher the next year but won by 1 less inch. And of course in 2019 the reigning indoors States champ Leah Pasqualetti of Orchard Park and indoor Nationals champ Kailee Thompson got together for a memorable battle.