Saratoga Coach Uses Quarantine To Catch Up With Past Stars

For a profession that is always looking forward, always on the present crop of athletes, Coaches have found themselves looking back as the Season has been on hiatus. One such Coach is Shane Zanetti, Boys Head Coach at Saratoga Springs. Coach Zanetti has been using this time to catch up with some of the past great male athletes at the long-running dynasty program in Section 2.

"The purpose of the interviews is to help motivate and engage the current athletes at Saratoga, who are working hard and doing their best every day to train safely in their own," Zanetti says. "The interviews have helped to strengthen the connection between a few different generations of Saratoga XC and Track/Field athletes."

Zanetti has found a wide range of Alumni to talk with, including XC Federation Champs Aidan Tooker and  Dylan Welsh, alongside Pole Vault State Champ Thomas Conboy and Thrower Matt Kuenzel. The guests discuss their memories from their time at Saratoga, as well as discuss the transition to College Athletics, and where they are in their lives now. It's a fun way to catch up with some names that have dominated the scene, both past and present.

Class of 2002