Coogan's Closes Temporarily As Coronavirus Spreads In NYC

Two years ago, it was fighting a rent hike that would have put it out of business entirely. Now two years later, and rent again is the issue, but this time, it's simply a lack of income althogether that's forcing the issue.

Coogan's Bar in Washington Heights is a natural hotspot after a trip to the Armory, one of the major hubs for Indoor Track and Field. But as the Coronavirus spreads, Governor Cuomo has asked all in-house dining to cease business. For a bar that makes 90% of revenue from the tap, it's a problem.

The New Yorker dives deep into the issue, and ponders about the future of the establishment.

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But the classic eatery is only a small snapshot of the pandemic's effect on the business of Sport. Yes, foot traffic from the Armory supplies business in the Winter, while March Madness does much the same in Early Spring. But for Track and Field fans exclusively, the cancelation of a season causes more immediate effect.

Hardest hit may be the timing companies across the State, and across the Country. Almost overnight, their entire revenue stream for one of the busiest times of the year evaporated. Also take into account that Spring Season proceeds Summer Vacation, where High School timing opportunities are all but non-existent in New York State. While some companies may be full-time employees, qualifying them for the promised stimulus check, others are not. Relief may not come soon enough, especially if quarantine extends out past the Summer.

Officials also find themselves at a loss. For many, officiating comes after retirement from a Full-Time position earlier in life. While it may not constitute a make-or-break income source, the lack of revenue that was once planned and scheduled out surely makes an impact. However, because of the advance age of many of the Officials across the State, this population is one that must be most weary once the quarantines begin to lift. New York State has long had a push to recruit younger for Officiating, as the older generation retires, and this may be a demonstration of why that is so important.

Coaches are also in the dark about how their local districts may be distributing their stipends this Spring. Much of that will depend how much of the Season will exist. There have been conversations of late-Season competitions, with even some discussion of pushing the Season into July. All these factors and more could effect if - and when - Coaches could see their revenue stream resume.

All-in-all, each of these groups care most for the athletes. Unlike themselves, athletes time in High School is limited. Seniors took their last races without certainty that a Season will resume again. The State is working to make that a reality, but with all due caution.

We all want the season to return.