New York Girls State Rankings - Final

End of the Season Following Natioanls

The final end of the year XC rankings expand to 50 slots for Class A, 40 for Class B and Class C, and 25 for Class D, recognizing the big efforts made by teams at Sectionals and Conference championships and in the States and Federation meets for a select few. Except for the five teams competing fairly near their top season's level at NXR-NY, the placements at regionals do not enter into the tabulations here since the rest of the teams there were running way way below the usual pace they exerted when they were competing for a title. Teams are judged on their top performances, not on their final relaxed revelries at NXR-NY.

Saratoga preserved its top performance for a second Nationals crown and dominated the action at Portland to leap ahead of a Fayetteville-Manlius team that won both at States and NXR-NY. East Aurora took its 9th States title while keeping a lock on Class B all year. Camden had a massive performance spike at States to beat favored Greenwich by 2 points. And the steadily shrinking Class D showed that it can still field a classic showdown as Delhi became the first team to win a States title in three Classes as it edged out Maple Grove and Tully.

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