Final NXN Regional Merge Offers First Glimpse Of Full Field

Welcome to the final edition of three Speed Rating Regional Merges.  These are the direct sequel to the previous Speed Rating National Merges.  The numbers are produced by TullyRunners, and are an objective way to compare performances at NXN-Regionals.  These are the final fields, including the four At-Larges, that will toe the line in Portland.  They give an idea of how the field dynamics can influence scores at a National Meet, where some of these team may have dominated local competition all year.

Here are the numbers.

Note: These do not reflect previews of what we believe WILL happen, only a reflection of the performances from the particular regionals.  Plenty of factors will cause these scores to both inflate and deflate, depending on course conditions, weather, and pure luck of the draw.  MileSplit National will release subjective picks later this week.