2019 CHSAA Championship Preview

As they say with midnight edition articles and final-stretch kicks in XC, better late than never. This year has not been the strongest one for the CHSAA on either the boys or girls side, but there has still been some promising developments. And we head into Saturday's meet with some mystery about who is going to win the two team trophies, and that is always a good incentive to get down to VCP,  park yourself by the finish line, and be amazed by what happens.

We have no predictions this year, just a revelation of the data points that have led to the CHSAA teams' speed ratings. A big unfortunate here is that the NSCHSAA meet was held under weather conditions that did not really warrant any ratings, so we are trying to throw in some guesses here. As always, the best thing to do is just watch the action and find out who is bringing it on championship day.

Please note that neither the speed-ratings-based listings of teams nor the 5K time virtual meet scores are meant to be exact predictions of how a race will turn out since there are many unknown factors at work here. The virtual meets based on 5K times are never a very good summary for any XC event, and teams from the CHSAA like Xavier who run mainly 4Ks at VCP or 3 mile races will not find a huge amount to go by.

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