Breaking: Updated Course Map For The Plattsburgh State Meet

After concerns the course was long at the Pre-State Invitational, the State Meet course has been revised.  While race day alterations brought the course to a desired 5K by race time at Pre-States, a more permanent remedy was needed headed into the biggest meet of the year.  The biggest changes come surrounding both Baseball Fields.  The first field encountered in the race will now go further in the Outfield before curving in.  The second baseball field, named The Chip Cummings Field encountered after exiting the woods, will see athletes hug the fence rather than extend to the grass field.  Alterations made at the Pre-State Invite at the starting loop will revert back to their originally mapped paths.

The new course has been wheeled to confirm the race distance is exact.  You can find the revised map below, and compare it to the original here