A Quick Look At How Alumni Did At Wisco/Pre-Nats

It was one of the biggest College XC weekends of the year, and our Alumni were out in full force.  While we only looked at two of the biggest in terms of D1 Ranking implications, over 1000 alumni took to a course the past few days.  But here is how NY'ers stacked up at both Pre-Nats and the Wisco Invite.

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Conor Lundy (Princeton University)24:05.80Wisco
Kenny Vasbinder (Columbia University)24:06.10Wisco
Nathan Lawler (Syracuse University)24:23.50Wisco
Bryce Millar (Indiana University)24:28.60Wisco
Tyler Berg (Columbia University)24:37.70Wisco
Samuel Morton (Dartmouth College)24:38.70Pre-Nats
Ty Brownlow (Georgetown University)25:04.40Wisco
Stephen Schulz (Syracuse University)25:09.00Wisco
Matthew Fusco (Cornell University)25:16.80Pre-Nats
Quinn Nicholson (Georgetown University)25:38.30Wisco
Shea Weilbaker (Georgetown University)25:54.80Wisco
Paul Dellinger (Duke University)25:59.10Pre-Nats
Jonathan Lauer (Columbia University)26:30.10Wisco
Maazin Ahmed (Georgetown University)26:53.20Wisco
Tom Gardiner (Xavier University)27:36.10Pre-Nats


Sage Hurta (University of Colorado)20:10.00Pre-Nats
Jessica Lawson (Stanford University)20:11.40Wisco
Abbey Wheeler (Providence College)20:28.10Wisco
Alexandra Hays (Columbia University)20:29.90Wisco
Anna Kostarellis (Xavier University)20:33.70Pre-Nats
Julia Zachgo (NC State University)20:34.70Wisco
Kelsey Chmiel (NC State University)20:35.60Wisco
Amanda Vestri (Syracuse University)20:36.80Wisco
Lauren White (Boston College)20:44.60Pre-Nats
Kaitlyn Neal (University of Washington)21:14.50Pre-Nats
Emily Acker (Columbia University)21:15.90Wisco
Gemma Nuttall (Iona College)21:27.10Pre-Nats
Gabrielle Orie (Cornell University)21:34.70Pre-Nats
Faith Reynolds (University of Michigan)21:43.80Pre-Nats
Lindsey Butler (Virginia Tech)21:49.30Pre-Nats
Jennie Prial (Xavier University)22:14.40Pre-Nats
Paige Duca (Boston College)22:20.00Pre-Nats
Justus Holden-betts (Syracuse University)22:20.70Wisco
Fiona Danieu (Columbia University)22:25.10Wisco
Olivia Elston (Syracuse University)22:30.20Wisco
Kaitlyn Ohrtman (Iona College)22:36.20Pre-Nats
Stephanie Bazan (University of Delaware)22:37.40Pre-Nats
Susanna Weir (University of Delaware)22:40.00Pre-Nats
Katrina Patterson (University of Cincinnati)22:49.30Pre-Nats
Patricia Carlson (Montana State University)23:03.80Pre-Nats
Madelyn Rodriguez (Campbell University)23:45.90Pre-Nats
Reilly Madsen (University of Dayton)24:13.50Pre-Nats