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Girls A

Teams:  Tully (90.2), Camden (89.4), Elmira ND (87.6), Newfane (82.4), 

Individuals:  Brooke Rauber (Tully) - 147, Elizabeth Lucason (Camden) - 135, Maddison Hayes (Fairview) - 125, Madison Reylea (Mayfield) - 123, Kylee Odell (Clymer-Sherman) - 121, Madelyn Dinneen (Norwood-Norfolk) - 119, Delaney Brewer (VVS) - 118, Alyssa Walker (Elmira - ND) - 113, Alexa Doe (South Jefferson) - 112, Kelsey Young (Deposit) - 104, Catie Eisenhut (Lansing) - 102, Ava Crist (Maple Grove) - 101

Breakdown: The past two defending champs are set to return here.  Kylee Odell won the race here the year before, over Christina Peppy and Delaney Brewer.  All three are back, Brewer coming off a big win at Pre-States.  One wrench in the return champ plan, though.  Brooke Rauber won this race in 2017, then moved up to the larger division last year.  She took second overall in Class AAA, just seven seconds off her winning time from the year before.  Rauber is a step above the competition, and will be looking to dip under 17mins once again.  More interestingly, the team competition should provide a good battle.  Camden edged Tully by four points at Pre-States, but the different race composition here could swing things.  Despite being in different classes, it will be interesting to see how the team race plays out.