2019 Summer Training Blog: Tully's Brooke Rauber Week 4

Week 3 (July 28th - Aug. 3rd)

Sun. July 28th - We left before the sun was up for a goat show at Saratoga County Fair. It was crazy hot at 10 am, and I didn't know where I was going so I just ran back and forth. I recognized a lady parking cars, and I think she recognized me but I'm not sure. Later as we were leaving mom realized it was the Saratoga girls coach, so we talked for awhile with her and Ella Kurto's mom.

  • 6 miles

Mon. July 29th - Sometimes I feel like there is no sleeping in this summer. We left our house at 6:45 AM after getting home at 11:00 PM to meet my team for a run at Highland Forest.All was going well until one of my teammates took a major digger and had to go back with Mr. V. Now it was me leading the charge and hoping to return the rest of my teammates safely to the start. I succeed and no child was left behind.

  • 5 miles, 4 x 200 strides

Tues. July 30th - I left my house early once again. I was on my way to the airport to meet up with Claire Walters and fly to Nike Elite camp. I have been anticipating this moment all summer. Claire met me after the security and of course my bag got checked. At least it was my bag they were patting down, it is usually me. When everyone got there we did an easy 7 mile run around Nike Headquarters.

  • 7 miles

Wed. July 31st - Well let me say the first 2 ½ of the 4.7 mile race was all uphill like being at Bowdoin Park but you just kept going. Claire and I decided to run together. We ran with each other chatting up a storm. To top it off, when we crossed the finish line we did a heel click. 

Thurs. Aug 1st - We traveled up to Mt. Hood for the day. We couldn't run up the mountain so we ran around a lake near the mountain. Claire, Fiona (Max), and I just ran together talking and laughing the entire way. I am feeling good and I am just a little tired from traveling and the time change.

Fri. Aug. 2nd - It was workout day at Nike Elite Camp, we got to run on the track in the woods at the Nike Headquarters. I was a little nervous about it seeing that I train a little differently than most people. I don't start workouts until the season begins at the end of August. The workout wasn't too bad, and I got to see my homeboy Lopez Lomong. *Editor's Note: The workout was lead by Bowerman Track Club Head Coach Jerry Schumacher (right). Lomong is a fellow graduate of Tully HS.

Sat. Aug 3rd - This is my last day in Portland than I am off to New York and Aim High Camp on Sunday. UGGGGG!! I decided to go on the elliptical today and give my legs a break before the long flight home. I was up really early because my roommate Taylor had to leave much earlier than me. The elliptical isn't that bad because I chill out to a movie and just get it done. My legs need the rest day seeing what I did this week and what I will be doing next week. 

  • 5 miles

Weekly total - 46 miles