2019 Summer Training Blog: Tully's Brooke Rauber Week 4

Week 2 (July 21st - July 27th)

Sunday July 21st - Went to Liverpool to run with Jenna and Windsor. I haven't been feeling that great. The run did not go as I planned. I felt like dirt from the beginning, my legs were heavy and I couldn't breathe because of my sinus infection. Windsor was having a great time watching me hang on. She said she had to admit it was nice seeing me hurt. Thanks Windsor, I'll remember that.

  • 8 miles

Monday July 22nd - We decided to try and run at Highland Forest as a team today. We haven't gone since I was a 7th grader because someone always gets lost. The cool thing about today is a girl named Annie from Ohio ventured to run with us today. She was so nice, and it was great to initiate someone into our crazy runs.

  • 6 miles, 4x 200 rep pace

Tuesday July 23rd - Today I had to get blood drawn for allergy testing. Oh me and blood do not mix, I was not a happy person when they took vials of my blood. Ran in Cortland that night with my team before we were going to lift. I decided 4 miles in that I needed to see what my legs could do after how awful I had been feeling. My legs didn't let me down, I dropped a 6:35 and 6:24 last 2 miles. That was a confidence booster. We lifted for an hour in our friend's gym - I LOVE LIFTING

  • 6 miles, 4 strides

Wednesday July 24th - Wednesday are a day I run with my buddies at Liverpool. Jenna was away but Windsor was going to be there, so I was excited to go. Coach Vannatta gave Windsor and myself directions, and Windsor was like yeah I know where I am going, I had absolutely no idea. Well it turns out that Windsor didn't know where she was going and after making several wrong turns and stopping at 3 different houses to ask for directions. Coach Vannatta and Coach Mom finally found us about 4 miles from our destination. They had been looking everywhere for us. Needless to say our 7 mile extremely hilly run turned into an 11 mile  even hiller run, which would have turned into a 15 mile run if they hadn't found us. Oh Windsor!! - 11 miles *gag*

Thursday July 25th - My team and I went to Jamesville Beach today for a flatter run. Annie from Ohio joined us again. Coach Mom said just run easily wherever you want on the trails. Last year she had warned us about the poison parsnip plant, but no one reminded us this year. Somewhere in our run we ran through it because the next day almost the entire team had a blister someplace on their body. My legs felt like dirt from the long run so today was just what I needed, besides the blister on my shoulder I ended up with.

  • 5 miles, 4 x 200 rep

Friday July 26th - Today was Annie's last day in New York so she came over and ran with me in the dreaded swamp. She had never run in a place like it before so it was a pretty interesting run. She wasn't a big fan of the mutant horse flies either. If you are reading this Annie, good luck in your senior year of running. 

  • 5 miles, 4 strides

Sat. July 27th - It was back to Bear Swamp with my team. Ian, my brother, was with us this time, he is a goofy little freshman who has a lot of unseen talent. We chased through the woods for 6 miles today. The mutant flies were a little nicer they didn't attack the car mirrors when we pulled in so that was a plus.

  • 5 miles, 4 strides

Weekly total (thanks to Windsor) - 46 miles OUCH