2019 Summer Training Blog: Tully's Brooke Rauber Week 6 & 7

Week 1 (July 14th - July 20th)

Sun. July 14th - My legs needed a bit of a break so I went on the elliptical for 45 mins. The elliptical is my go-to when I am feeling off or tired. I think it is one of the reasons why I have been able to stay injury free all these years, that and I don't mess with Coach Mom's plan. Turn on a few episodes of the office and time flies by.

  • 6 miles

Mon. July 15th - 5 mile run in Angelica, New York because we were at the Allegany County Fair open goat show. I had to hustle to get my run in between setting stuff up for the goats and when the show started. I averaged 6:50 pace for a very hilly run, but it was good because now I don't have to do it when we get home late tonight. It was wicked hot and humid but it is done. Not to flex or anything but my goat, Togo, won her permanent championship.

  • 5 miles

Tues. July 16th - Ran with my team at Little York Park, there are lots of trails there so it is fun and it isn't very hilly which makes up for yesterday's run. The team ran at a pretty good clip with with 2 miles, I was feeling pretty good so I pushed the pace.This may have been the one time Mr. V was breathing harder than me. It was nice to see him sweat for once.

  • 6 miles, 4 x 200 rep

Wed. July 17th - Went to Bear Swamp to get a long run in on the dirt road. Coach Mom road her mountain bike with me. Of course the first 2 miles are all uphill so I had to flex a little on her when she struggled on the hill. It was a great run despite the fact if you slowed down you were going to be carried out of the swamp by the flies. We were covered from head to toe in mud, because (as my teammates know) I jump in every puddle. I averaged just under 7 mins a mile for 7 miles.

  • 7 miles

Thurs. July 18th - Ran at Heiberg Forest in Tully with my team. We decided to start at the top of the forest and run an out and back loop. Let me just say it was uphill on the way out and uphill on the way back. How? I couldn't tell you. - 6 miles, 4 strides

Fri. July 19th - We went back to Labrador Pond for a more controlled team run. We just do an out and back on the trails. It rolls but the hills are manageable, my legs feel like bricks from 2 days of very hilly running. An ice bath will bring them back around. - 6 miles , 4 strides

Sat. July 20th - Met my team at Bear Swamp for our weekly hilly run on the trails. Alison Carr, my graduated teammate, showed up so it was fun racing up and down the hills with her trying to outrun the horse flies. Alison loves puddles as much as I do, so we tried to see who could get to all the puddles first. No surprise mom said I was running home and not getting in her car when we were done. Sometimes Coach Mom has no sense of humor. 6 miles, 4 strides

Weekly total - 43 miles 

Quote of the week - There are 2 types of people you run with. One type of runner is like watching a Spongebob show, it is really funny the first time, but then it gets old and annoying the 2nd time around.  The other type of person is like watching an episode of The Office because it is funny the first time and every time after that.