Throwers Spotlight: The Multi-Faceted Maddy DuChaussee

There have been times, though they are few and far between, when Maddy DuChaussee isn't where she is supposed to be. 

That the Saratoga Springs junior is one of the best sprinters on her team as well as being one of its best throwers - yes, there is an interesting oddness to combine those statement - sometimes makes it difficult to be in two places at once, particularly if a meet is being run over the course of one day rather than two.

Still, if you look at the numbers, and there are plenty to analyze when it comes to DuChaussee (Doo-Shaw-Say for the announcers who seem to struggle), you'll find that despite the constant craziness of her meet-day schedule, she still manages to excel regardless of the event. 

Consider the recently completed Section 2, Group 1 championships. DuChaussee finished fourth in the 100 meters and took third in the 200 meters with a personal-best 26.29. She also finished second in the shot put with a personal-best throw of 39-3.5 and third in the discus with a personal-best throw of 119-1. 

Her resume is dotted with such accomplishments. She took first in the CBA/LaSalle Relays in the 200 meters and was part of the winning 4X4 relay hurdle team at the same meet. She also took first in the discus and second in the shot put. And, if you look back to her indoor season, she finished seventh in the New Balance Indoor Nationals [March 8-10] in the EE Shot Put with a personal-best throw of 40-10.25.

Such versatility makes her an important cog for her team but it does come at a cost from time to time.

"Things are different from meet to meet but sometimes I get really lucky," DuChaussee said. "When the meet happens all at once, though, it's difficult to run around. My freshman year I was throwing and I was also running the second leg in the 4X2. The first leg ran and I wasn't there for the second leg. I was pretty disappointed and sad that I let the team down. 

"At the Section 2 Suburban Council championships a few weeks ago, I missed the 200 because I was running back and forth. It came up a lot sooner than I thought it would. I also missed a discus throw in the finals."

Despite the zaniness that can ensue at a meet, DuChaussee wouldn't have it any other way. She's been running and throwing since the seventh grade - she started throwing later in her seventh-grade season - and says it is difficult to pick a favorite event. She likes them both for different reasons.

Sprinting feels good because she "runs as fast as she could" while throwing allows her to appreciate the amount of technique that is required. She also likes the atmosphere and camaraderie amongst all the throwers.

"When people know about the sport, they think it's unusual," she said. "Some people think it's a lot to balance. But I balance it all and try to make sure I'm not missing anything. It takes a lot of time management."

When pressed on whether she would prefer to run or throw at a meet she admitted that she would probably want to sprint first.

"I feel super warm going into throws once I have had races," DuChaussee said. "But, it's also nice to have all the throwing done going into races. Either way, it's fun because I don't have to worry about running back [to do the other].

"I think if I focus on one event, it will make me better at that event and give me more of an advantage. But I enjoy both. I can see myself giving up one but I don't want to. I think I can improve while doing two events."

DuChaussee seems quite adept at making it all work. She has an easygoing personality - she laughs a great deal - and is full of surprises. She has a dance background that includes clogging and has been recruited to play for the school's football team.

"I not sure what the [football] coach wants me for but he has told me he wants me to do football for my senior year," DuChaussee said. "I don't know what he would want me for. I never really played the sport on a field like that. I enjoy being a running back in gym class, but that's much different.

"I also can't imagine it's the greatest feeling getting hit. Teaming with guys wouldn't bother me, though. I would hope it would be the same as any other team atmosphere. I would hope gender wouldn't make a difference."

Based on what she has been able to accomplish so far it would seem that DuChaussee would have little trouble making it work.