Last One On The Books - The Complete Story Behind Centro's State Record Mile

Matt Centrowitz, SR, alongside his son, Matt Centrowitz, JR ahead of his Olympic Winning Run in 2016

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Note: This article was originally written in 2019. The story remains forever relevant as another NY athlete joins the Sub-4 list in College.

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Last year, something special happened.  Four boys from Northport High School broke the Outdoor 4x800m State Record, originally set back in 1966.  Chronicled in the legendary short story "Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard" by Marc Bloom, it was then the oldest State Record New York had on the books.  With that mark erased, a new "Oldest Record On The Books" would take center stage.

On June 23rd, 1973, a young man from the now-defunct Power Memorial High School named Matthew Centorwitz, ran to a mark of 4:02.7 for the mile, setting a New York State Record that would still be going strong 46 years later.  Most know the time, but not many know the story.

Now Coaching at Manhattan College, we tracked down Centrowitz, to retell his story, and shine a light once again at the fastest mile ever run by a New Yorker.  The Loucks Games, to be held this week, is one of many meets in New York that still races the full mile distance, despite the conversion to the metric system for most races years past.  It allows athletes to take a chance at matching history once again.  Without further adieu, we bring you that history.

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Centrowitz released his full memoir, Like Father, Like Son, in 2017, and is available through amazon

Hear from Matt SR. below, the night his son broke the Nike Nats Meet Record for 2-Miles with 8:41.55