NY Alumni Leaderboards Are Back For 2019

We've long been looking for a better way to track our Alumni in the College ranks.  So, we combined the best of the MileSplit HS Database, with the best of the NCAA.  Introducing the Alumni Leaderboards.  We pull out all the former New Yorkers from the Collegiate Leaderboards, regardless of Division, and rank them as if it were the NY State Leaderboard.  See how your favorites are progressing in college relative to their HS Rank.  See who's improved to great new Personal Bests.  And stay in touch with some of the names of the past in this brand new feature.  Enjoy!

Note: This is our first time running this feature this year.  If you see any names missing, reach out at kbrazeil@milesplit.com

Also, you might need this for the field events.  Get used to it HS'ers!  Metric Conversion Calculator

Girls List
Boys List