2018 Sectional Scorecard - Compiled Results & Predictions

It's time to put our previews to the test!  Below, you will find a quick link to all the results from each of the Sectional contests.  Below that, we grade our previews, and see how our predictions held up.  And finally, we have our live updates from around the State, all weekend.  See how we did!

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Section 1

7/8 - Irvington Boys pulled away from a close pack to win Class C

Section 2

7/8 - Shen boys came home with the upset in Class A, beating two teams ranked ahead of them

Section 3

6/8 - Muddy conditions threw a wrench into predictions, as FM girls edge past Liverpool, and Westhill Boys recover past Skaneateles.

Section 4

8/8 - Perfect Score!

Section 5

3/8 - Craziness in Section 5, with weather surely to have played a factor. May have been the most unpredictable meet we've had since we started 8 years ago.

Section 6

8/8 - Perfect Score!

Section 7

8/8 - Perfect Score

Section 8


Section 9

7/8 - Warwick Valley takes home the win on 6th-man tiebreaker for the upset.

Section 10

8/8 - Perfect Score!

Section 11

7/8 - Westhampton Beach with the upset of the day in Boys Class B