Live Updates From The 46th Manhattan Invite

It's time for the biggest one-day meet in the country.  We'll be on-site all day, providing photos, videos, interviews, and coverage of the big event.  Stay tuned as the results roll in, and the rankings get sorted out.

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Live Results

Schedule Below

19:05Freshman Boys "A"Br. Raphael Cecchini FSC '42 Memorial
29:11Freshman Girls "A"Brian Kivlan, '69
39:17Freshman Boys "B"Br. Francis Bowers FSC '41 , Memorial
49:23Freshman Girls "B"Jacob Korn Memorial
59:29Freshman Boys "C"Kye Courtney '61 Memorial
69:35Freshman Girls "C"Pierce Power '50 Memorial
79:41Freshman Boys "D"Mark B. Codd '71
89:47Freshman Girls "D"Pat Petersen '82 Memorial
99:53Freshman Boys "E"O'Malley Family
109:59Sophomore Boys "A"Eugene & Sally Trigo Memorial
1110:12Sophomore Girls "A"St. Francis Prep Coach Jim May
1210:25Sophomore Boys "B"Jim Harrington, '51
1310:38Sophomore Girls "B"John A. Cunningham Memorial
1410:51Sophomore Boys "C"Kevin Kearney '74 Memorial
1511:03JV Boys "A"Coach Jim McHugh
1611:15JV Girls "A"Sal Marro,' 51 Memorial
1711:27JV Boys "B"Thomas H. Lindgren '55 Memorial
1811:39JV Girls "B"Kate Welling Memorial
1911:51JV Boys "C"Michael J. Codd Memorial
2012:03JV Girls "C"Coach Irv Kintisch Memorial
2112:15JV Boys "D"Gerald F.Buckley '64 Memorial
2212:27JV Girls "D"John N. Johnson Memorial
2312:39JV Boys "E"Louis Vazquez Jr. Memorial
2412:51Varsity Boys "A "Coach Peter L. Waters Memorial
251:03Varsity Girls "A"Warren Ring, Memorial
261:15Varsity Boys "B"Coach George T. Eastment Memorial
271:27Varsity Girls "B"Br. Gregory Hunt, FSC '50 Memorial
281:39Varsity Boys "C"Dr. Francis J. Sweeny '16 Memorial
291:51Varsity Girls "C"Mike Cohen Memorial
302:03Varsity Boys "D"Joseph P. Kearney '67 Memorial
312:15Boys Eastern States ChampionshipPeter Aquilone Memorial
322:32Intermediate Boys (Grades 7-8)Edward E. Walsh '70
332:38Intermediate Girls (Grades 7-8)
342:46Girls Eastern States ChampionshipEdward J.J. Bowes '64
352:58Varsity Girls "D"Coach Fred Dwyer
363:10Varsity Boys "E"Edward D. O'Toole '47 Memorial
373:22Varsity Girls "E"Crown Trophy - Brooklyn
383:34Varsity Boys "F"Lindy J. Remigino '53
393:46Varsity Girls "F"Sr. Geraldine Bowes, OP '71 Memorial
403:58Varsity Boys "G"Edward J. Walsh , Jr. 47