Manhattan Invitational Girls Eastern States Race Preview

Team Profiles - by Pole Position on Starting Line

Union Catholic (NJ)

Overview: The Vikings are atop 10 ranked team for NJ coming off a win in at NJ Shore Coaches.

Roster:  Jerika Lufrano (126), Leena Morant (94), Abby Granrath (94), Megan McCabe (82), Jenna Keith (81)

Team Data:  95.6. 1st in NJ Shore Coaches-E

Comments:   Union Catholic will be trying to get up for a Top 10 place in Eastern States but needs to pull up the back of the pack.

Warren Hills (NJ)

Overview:  The Blue Streaks are here for Alexa Westley, who will be one of the favorites for the individual title.

Roster:  Alexa Westley (142), and maybe Joy Emisko (86)

Team Data:  NA

Comments:   Westley was 6th in last year's Eastern States, and she enters this year's race as one of the top four rated runners. Last year she finished 11th at NXR-NE and this year she has wins at in races at Bowdoin and the NJ Shore Coaches meets.

Niskayuna (NY)

Overview:  The Silver Warriors are flying high this year after a win at Bowdoin and a 4th in the McQuaid AAA race.

Roster:  Liyat Kebbede (124), Orit Shiang (109), Erin Boler (107), Charlotte Kokernak (102), Katherine Hesler (102), Skyler Smith (92), Sophie Boler (87)

Team Data:  109.2.  1st in Bowdoin-1, 4th in McQuaid AAA

Comments:   Niskayuna has a fairly young team that could move up from last year's 6th place finish with help from relatively nice compression.

Saint Joseph's Catholic Academy (PA)

Overview:  The Wolves are a small PA school getting a taste of the big action.

Roster:  Sera Mazza (109), Kate Youngmark (79), Myah Chappell (54), Lindsey Carmack (49), Lea Fisher (32)

Team Data:  63.2.  24th in Carlisle Challenge

Comments:   Saint Joseph's will finish toward the back of the teams at ES but will still have a lot of fun.

La Salle Academy (RI)

Overview: The Rams are one of RI's top teams and will be looking to get up for a Top 10 finish after taking 12th last year.

Roster:  Kaylie Armitage (117), Mckenzie Doyle (111), Lily Borin (105), Sarah Wong (80), Caroline Williams (62), Catherine Medeiros (56)

Team Data:  95.0.  2nd in Bowdoin-2

Comments:   The Rams showed they could contend with a 2nd at Bowdoin among some strong NE regional teams.

Warwick Valley (NY)

Overview:  The Wildcats have not competed in a speed rated race in a few weeks, so they should have fresh legs.

Roster:  Kristin Thompson (92), Katherine Smith (91), Simone Sullivan, Kelly Brozowski (85), Gabby Goodman (81), Lauren Fox (71)

Team Data:  87.4.  1st in Suffern-B

Comments:   Warwick has done well with a pack attack so far, and there should be some nice development to boost the Wildcats up for a top 10 place after winning the E race last year.

Bolles (FL)

Overview:  The Bulldogs are the #2 team in Florida and will again be expected to place well after finishing 3rd behind Fayetteville-Manlius and Liverpool last year.

Roster:  Helena Kummings (116), Elizabeth Csikai (111), Maxine Montoya (109), Ella Mickler (107), Maeve O'Riordan (104), Jillian Candelino (102), Catherine Kunz (95)

Team Data:  109.4.  1st in Katie Caple-Elite

Comments:   Bolles is deep and has the best compression of any top team at the meet, so expect the Bulldogs to run with hurricane force and maybe get up for the 3rd they got in the ES last year.

Claremont (CA)

Overview:  The Wolfpack is ranked #4 in the US and is the top CA team, so Claremont will be a solid favorite in Eastern States.

Roster:  Sydeney Hwang (137), Maddie Coles (135), Azalea Segura-Mora (130), Kalinda Reynolds (122), Angie Gushue (117), Julie Marriott (116), Haleigh Guerrero (111)

Team Data:  128.4.  1st in Stanford-Seeded

Comments:   With three heavy hitters like Hwang, Coles and Segura Mora at top and a solidly compressed lineup, Claremont comes in from the west as the projected winner for a showdown with NY's top team Liverpool.

Tully (NY)

Overview:  The Black Knights' Brooke Rauber will be running solo for Tully in Eastern States and will be the favorite based on speed ratings.

Roster:  Brooke Rauber (147)

Team Data:  NA

Comments:   Rauber was 2nd in the big McQuaid AAA race to Liverpool's Jenna Schulz, but after a 5K PR last weekend in the Tully Invite, she may be ready to get the victory here.

Sacred Heart (NY)

Overview:  The Spartans are ranked 10th in NY and are one of the favorites for the CHSAA league title this year.

Roster:  Maggie Maier (125), Shannon Thieke (105), Helen Moloney (101), Marie Naudus (93), Anna Kavanagh (91), Bridget Rosso (84), Courtney Koleda (82)

Team Data:  103.0. 2nd in St. Anthony's-1, 2nd in Bowdoin-2

Comments:   Sacred Heart has been developing a solid team behind frontrunner Maggie Maier and the Spartans will have a shot at a top 5 place if they can pull up the back of the lineup a bit.

Monroe-Woodbury (NY)

Overview:  The Crusaders finished 11th last year in the ES and will be fighting to move into the top 10.

Roster:  Rachel Hirschkind (105), Daniella Napoli (104), Jessica Pidgeon (101), Evelyn Gonzalez-Valdez (100), Ella Dephillips (94), Allison Nolan (85)

Team Data:  100.8.  3rd in Suffolk Coaches-A

Comments:   The Crusaders are known for a tightly compressed pack attack, and this year they will again be trying to navigate the back hills together for a shot at a top 10 spot.

Champlain Valley (VT)

Overview:  It just wouldn't be Eastern States without the Redhawks, and this year a goal of a top 7 place seems reasonable, while frontrunner Alice Larson goes for the top 10..

Roster:  Alice Larson (130), Ella Whitman (113), Sadie Holmes (96), Chloe Silverman (91), Alicia Verroneau (89), Cate Noel (89), Jasmine Nails (87)

Team Data:  103.8. 1st in Wood's Trail

Comments:   The top ranked team in VT as usual, Champlain Valley again has a solid lineup that should do well after showing some power at Wood's Trail.

Portsmouth (RI)

Overview:  The Patriots are top ranked in RI and should be among the top 15 teams at Eastern States with frontrunner Elizabeth Sullivan looking to improve on last year's 15th place.

Roster:  Elizabeth Sullivan (131), Olive Allen (119), Sabrina Leary (72), Abby Galpin (70), Kitty Damon (68)

Team Data:  92.2.  5th in Ocean State-Champ

Comments:   Portsmouth may not have the depth to repeat last year's top 10 finish in ES, but Sullivan could move up for a top 10 place.

Liverpool (NY)

Overview:  The Warriors are the top ranked NY team and should be in a showdown with Claremont for the ES title this year after finishing 2nd to Fayetteville-Manlius last year.

Roster:  Jenna Schulz (143), Madison Neuner (136), Sydney Carlson (124), Windsor Ardner (116), Emily Neuner (98), Isabella Brancato (93), Gabby McCarthy (91)

Team Data:  123.4. 2nd in McQuaid AAA

Comments:   Liverpool finished 2nd to Lee's Summit of MO at McQuaid, and now it will be facing another big battle with an out-of-state team in the ES. Jenna Schulz will be looking for another individual win like she got at McQuaid, but getting by Claremont will require some movement at the back of the lineup.

Cardinal O'Hara (PA)

Overview:  The Lions are here to get a piece of the action in a very big race.

Roster:  Christine Mancini (105), Katie Till (80), Kaitlyn Durning (60), Evelyn Richards (17), Sydney McWilliams (12)

Team Data:  55.4. 1st iin Westtown

Comments:   The Lions are coming off a win in a local meet and now get a chance to rub elbows with some of the top teams in the country.

Kingsway (NJ)

Overview:  The Dragons are one of the top teams in NJ and have racked up some big wins recently, so a top 5 place in Eastern States is not out of the question after a 7th last year.

Roster:  Ashlynne Burke (115), Sydney Watts (104), Lauren Knott (102), Emily Pierontoni (100), Allison McFarland (85), Kennedy Waterson (71)

Team Data:  101.4. 1st in Bowdoin-2, 1st in NJ Shore Coaches-D.

Comments:   Last year the Dragons took a trip west to run at NXN after winning the NXR-NE, so with big wins in races at Bowdoin and the NJ Shore Coaches meet, they may have the veteran presence to do very well in the ES.

Shenendehowa (NY)

Overview:  The Plainsmen are one of the top ranked teams in NY and are projected for a 3rd place in Eastern States.

Roster:  Hannah Belleville (121), Jada Dennis (119), Luccabella Hotaling (114), Madeleine Festin (105), Jade Dennis (103), Lily Digman (98), Amanda Curtis (95)

Team Data:  118.4. 5th in McQuaid AAA

Comments:   Shen ended Saratoga's 17 year streak of Sectional wins last year and is looking to set itself up for another visit to Nationals as they did in 2016.

Corning (NY)

Overview:  The Hawks should finish in the top 10 in Eastern States after a 3rd in the F race last year.

Roster:  Lindsey Butler (133), (Claire Mason - 117), Faithe Ketchum (117),  Alicia Lawson (96), Grace Scouten (95), Lydia Keys (80), Angelea Collins (77)

Team Data:  104.2.  8th in McQuaid AAA

Comments:   The Hawks aren't always the easiest team to get a handle on, and there are some questions about the state of number two runner Claire Mason, but Lindsey Butler will be battling for a top 10 place and Corning could finish among the top 5 teams if everyone is available.

South Lewis (NY)

Overview:  Last year's Class D state champion enters Eastern States to battle for all the very small teams of the world.

Roster:  Hannah Ielfield (132), Lexi Bernard (119), Brynn Bernard (98), Abby Durgan (63), Morgan Feisthamel (51)

Team Data:  90.6.  1st in EJ Herrmann-1

Comments:   The Falcons have rolled to some nice wins this year in the small school races, and though they likely don't have the depth to get a top 10 place in Eastern States, Hannah Ielfield and Lexi Bernard should be contending among the top runners.

Henry Hudson (NJ)

Overview:  The Admirals will have Corina Vidal in the hunt in the ES.

Roster:  Corina Vidal (121)

Team Data:  NA

Comments:   Corina Vidal will be fighting for a top 20 place in Eastern States after some high finishes in NJ meets.

Randolph (NJ)

Overview:  The Rams' Abby Loveys is one of the favorites for the individual title.

Roster:  Abby Loveys (143), Meredith Finley (98), Maya Wilkins (73), Claire Ahrens (43), Catherine Fairfield (49)

Team Data:  84.6. 3rd in Six Flags-A

Comments:   Randolph will finish towards the back of the pack, but 2017 Foot Locker finalist Abby Loveys may end up in front of everyone in the race.

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