Manhattan Invitational Girls Letter Race Previews - Updated

Race D

Time:  2:58pm

Teams at the Top:   Brighton - 101, Baldwinsville - 93.6, Sachem East - 92.8, Walt Whitman MD - 88

Runners with Hops:   Justus Holden-Betts (Baldwinsville) - 127, Lauryn Heskin (Marymount) - 122,  Aliza Thir (Downingtown West) - 118, Melissa Merone (Sachem East) - 116, Cristina Yakaboski (Riverhead) - 115, Lindsey Dodenhoff (Sachem East) - 114, Delia McDade Clay (Brighton) - 110, Lucinda Doogan (Brooklyn Tech) - 110, Sam Miller (WWPS) - 103, Grace Mattern (Brighton) - 103

Overview:   She took second to Katelyn Tuohy in the Letter Race last year, but the field looks clear ahead of her in 2018.  Holden-Betts has a 15-second lead on the field, but that doesn't make it a guarantee.  Brighton is coming off a big win at McQuaid, and could translate that into a Letter Race team title here.

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